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Hipster Halloween: DIY Pantone Color Combo Couples Costume


Hipster Halloween: DIY Pantone Color Combo Couples Costume - Sugar & Cloth Hipster Halloween: DIY Pantone Color Combo Couples Costume - Sugar & Cloth

photos by Ling Wang

If a colorful wardrobe is something you pride yourself on, then this Halloween costume idea will be easy breezy for you to recreate! Plus, if you were even remotely in touch with your friends from art school, you’d know that it doesn’t get much more hipster for Halloween than a DIY pantone color combo couples costume (try and say that three times really quick!).

This also has to be one of my favorite costume ideas that we came up with, and the beauty of it is you still have cute outfits to wear around when the season is over, because the Pantone labels are removable (winning!)…

Hipster Halloween: DIY Pantone Color Combo Couples Costume - Sugar & Cloth Read More

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6 Pastel Color Block Walls We’re Loving


DIY colorblock barn door

As you already know, I’m all about adding a little color to my life… and studio, and walls, and accessories, and the list goes on. I’m also getting an itch to do a little color addition to the studio, but I’m not sure I’m willing to commit to painting another wall in there just yet (mostly due to painting so much during the reno that I think I painted in my dreams for at least three weeks afterwards). So instead, I’m leaving you with six pastel color block walls that we’re loving right now as some weekend decor inspiration!

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DIY Color Dipped Clothes Hangers


DIY color dipped clothes hangers | sugar & cloth DIY color dipped clothes hangers | sugar & cloth

photos by Jared Smith

With it being “winter” here in Houston for the last month and a half, I’ve finally decided to create a cute designated space for our coats and bags that isn’t the middle of the meeting table and every chair back in the room. We got this legit brass clothes hanger from Avelere that was begging me for a pop of color, so I came up with these DIY color dipped clothes hangers.

Yes, I know, you’re now all wondering why I would randomly have clothes hanging from our studio coat rack. Well my friends, I have to keep the mystery of the studio alive a little bit or you’ll have already seen everything by the time the studio launch party and tour rolls around! Plus a non-studioesque setting would be more relatable to most for everyday use anyways. Speaking of which, if you’re a household with lots of littles running around, color coded hangers might be the perfect weekend DIY for making everyone a designated foyer space!

DIY color dipped clothes hangers | sugar & cloth

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When in Palm Springs…


MMD_6480 MMD_6547

all photos by Mary Costa Photography

… everything is colorful. It’s like the golden rule that everyone just knows to live by, and I love it! There’s just something kind of addictive about Palm Springs (especially if you love photo ops), and you know we had to take advantage of that while we stayed at The Saguaro for the tail end of the week.

It totally takes the cake for the most colorful place (besides Disney World) that I’ve ever stayed… then again it practically was Disney World for adults, so there’s that. The only thing they don’t tell you when you stay there is that you might want to clear your phone for a bigger photo capacity because you’ll need it for pretty much every corner you turn.  when in palm springs... Ironically it just so happened that we were there during one of the few times out of the entire year that it ever storms in Palms Springs. You’d think this would get us down, but it actually only allowed my awkward comment moments to shine in all of their glory around lots of close knit chatting. Okay, okay I don’t always have the most awkward thing to bring to the conversation (also known as the dining table), but every now and then I get to take the cake!

Some of my favorite places we dined were Workshop, winner of best decor, and Jake’s for a piece of cake that’s literally impossible to regret.  when in palm springs... One of the best parts of the entire Meet Make Do experience: the swag! Seriously, I was having a heyday with these bad boys! It was like letting a wild animal go through the refrigerator (and I didn’t hate it). You can grab some swag of your very own, they all came from here:

The Fabric Store LA (fabric) // Coveted Things (scarf) // Etta & Billie (soap) // Fat Eye Design (hand-painted napkins) // Landis Carey (custom pottery and ceramics) // Lovely Pigeon (foil tape and foil notebook) // Michelle Dwight Designs (heart tote bag) //  Mr. & Mrs. P (dipped wooden flatware) // Oh So Pretty (rose bath salts) // Seoul Little (gold necklace)  We Love Citrus (black scissors) // World Reclaimed (wood coasters) // Bing (event sponsor) when in palm springs... Did I mention when might’ve lived all Frank Sinatra style at the Dry Falls Las Palmas for the beginning of our stay? It was what mid-century dreams are made of! This is also where all of our DIY magic happened (which you saw here and here).

It was a surreal experience getting to meet up with so many talented and lovely ladies in such a beautiful place. when in palm springs...Again, a big thanks to Bing for sponsoring Meet Make Do and to KellyBrittni, and Chelsea for putting everything together. You can see more details of our adventure and all of the other attendees with #meetmakebing!

Tomorrow we’ll be back onto out regularly scheduled programming! Have you all started any prep for switching the house over for Spring colors? It’s in full swing over here!

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Our floral tablescape in Palm Springs!


a palm springs floral tablesacpe a palm springs floral tablesacpe

photos by Mary Costa Photography

Before I get started, let me just apologize for not having recapped my trip to Palm Springs for Meet Make Do before now. I realize that we’re about three weeks past due, but fret not! I’m rounding up all of the pretty photos and details for you to see in the next few days, but I wanted to show you the impromptu styled shoot that Jenn of Scout blog and I collaborated on the first day we were there.

Jenn is pretty much the gold medalist of all things styled so I can’t even begin to tell you how pumped I was to work with her! I’ve always dreamt of being a stylist for shoots and events, so getting to see someone in motion who has been so successful was so thrilling.

To start, we decided on a general color scheme and idea inspired by the bright colors and bits of glam you see in Palm Springs. She manned most of the tablescape while I created the DIY geometric fresh flower pendants (which I’ll show you how to make, next!). Luckily Flower Muse sent us the most amazing selection of florals (with the help of Brittni’s good taste!), and we basically had a heyday with them!

a palm springs floral tablesacpe

Also, can we talk about how fabulous this pineapple vase is?! It fit perfectly with our color scheme with just the right touch of color.

a palm springs floral tablesacpe   a palm springs floral tablesacpe

Jenn says she’s not a DIY’er, but she crafted these sequin fabric placemats and threaded linens a little tooo quickly for me to be convinced of that! On the other hand, I need to keep myself useful with what I bring to the table, so I’m going to humbly keep my DIY’er title for the sake of our partnership.

a palm springs floral tablesacpe

I’ll be sharing more Palm Springs details over the next few days, so keep your eyes peeled! And a big thanks to Bing for sponsoring Meet Make Do and to Kelly, Brittni, and Chelsea for hosting!

glasses, plates & flatware, West Elm // sequined placemats, DIY // flowers, Flower Muse // runner and linen napkins, DIY // photos by Mary Costa Photography



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DIY // Color blocked Easter egg place cards


DIY colorblocked egg place cards

DIY colorblocked egg place cards
In case you’re the lucky lady hosting the Easter meal this year, these super fast DIY color blocked egg place cards are the perfect addition for your table (just don’t try and say their name really fast five times). Also, when I say “perfect”, I’m really just assuming that you procrastinate as much as I do and need something cute that only require about ten minutes of effort.


  • Martha Stewart all-purpose craft paints
  • Martha Stewart twine
  • Card stock flags (or card stock to cut your own)
  • Hole punch
  • Pen/pencil

DIY colorblocked egg place cards DIY color block easter egg place cards

To color the eggs, pour various colors in their own cups, then dip the eggs in one side and let dry.

DIY colorblocked egg place cards

Once they’re dry, write each name on a flag, hole punch, and then tie around the egg. It seems harmless enough, but tying twine around an egg is no small feat, so do this just before placing them at each setting.

DIY colorblocked egg place cards To get you started, here is a thirty percent off your entire purchase coupon for Martha Stewart Crafts at Michael’s!




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