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DIY // Fresh Flower Love Sign


DIY floral love sign | sugarandcloth.com

I wish someone would’ve helped me out with some friendly advice in the handmade gift category as a child with things like this DIY floral love sign. Instead I gave my Mom things like painted rocks and the wonderful surprise of cutting up beloved printed photos and putting them in a cut up, teen magazine style collage that even obsessed Beiber lovers across the world couldn’t compete with (sorry about that one Mom!).

All of this to say that even kids can get in on this inexpensive project with a little helping hand, and it’s a DIY gift that’s actually worth saving and won’t cause tears of sadness from years of cut up family photos… don’t judge me.

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DIY // Speckled Sprinkle Eggs & Glasses?


speckled easter eggs-143 speckled easter eggs-276

Please note that the question mark in the title for this project is supposed to be there. I had a bit of an identity crisis with my original DIY and it morphed into something a little different halfway through. These things happen to me quite a bit. Instead of just editing out the funky stuff and leaving you with a cut and dry finished product, I thought I’d just go ahead and share the messy details and let you decide which project you liked best!

Alas, here we have DIY speckled sprinkles. Originally I wanted to tint white sprinkles and cover white chocolate Reese’s cup eggs with them to look like edible speckled eggs for Easter. I did that first, but then somewhere along the line I ended up rimming glasses of milk with the sprinkles to style the egg photos with and then somehow ended up with more picture of rimmed milk glasses than I did of eggs. I guess this means I liked that idea a bit better, but no one says you can’t have both…

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DIY // Printable Watercolor Flags


printable watercolor flags illustrated by Lisa Chow | sugarandcloth.com printable watercolor flags illustrated by Lisa Chow | sugarandcloth.com

Illustrations by Lisa Chow

I solemnly swear that I’m not trying to totally kill your work out routine with the constant photos of dessert and heavenly, sugar covered things this week, I’m just really excited to share the goodies we used to make our dessert table come to life. Luckily I know some really talented people, and by know I actually mean I stalk them on Instagram and then try to convince them to hangout with me. These things happen to the best of us you know…

One of those people just so happens to be Lisa Chow, the mastermind behind all things pretty, illustrated, and in this case, watercolor flags. I’ll be sharing another project we worked on together soon, but for now, here are the DIY printable flags we dreamt up for this pastel party…


printable watercolor flags illustrated by Lisa Chow | sugarandcloth.com

To make the flags, save and print the template in the materials section. Cut the flags out and jot your desserts on each one, then use a foam adhesive dot to stick them to the front of a cake stand or onto candy sticks to display. printable watercolor flags illustrated by Lisa Chow | sugarandcloth.com

You can always use fun phrases like “There’s always plenty” like the cupcake up top! My favorite little shop in OKC, Plenty Mercantile, uses it as their slogan and I’ve been in love ever since.

DIY printable watercolor flags illustrated by Lisa Chow | sugarandcloth.com

I really love the way the adhesive dots make the flags pop on the front of cake stands don’t you? They’re the perfect little size!

If you use any of the flags for you Easter table (or even just for sweet nothings), be sure to tag #mysugarandcloth so I can see what you’re making! You never know, you may even see it featured here…

styling and DIY’s by Sugar & Cloth // photography by Kimberly Chau // desserts by Buttercup // illustrations by Lisa Chow // mint green and white cake stands and bunting c/o Minted // gold flatware and serving utensils West Elm 

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DIY // Jumbo polka dot easter egg favors just for adults!


jumbo DIY easter egg favors | sugarandcloth.comjumbo DIY easter egg favors | sugarandcloth.com

Ohhh how I love surprise favors! I’m kind of like a child deep down and not just because I’d rather have sugar before dinner, but because you’d actually find me hunting Easter eggs with the three year olds instead of hiding them with the adults… among other things.

The point I’m trying to make here is that you can high five the inner child of all of your guests on Easter Sunday (as seen in action here) by passing out these DIY jumbo polka dot Easter egg favors filled with goodies even adults will be giddy over, like mini Minted art prints.


  • Jumbo plastic Easter eggs (I used these)
  • Matte spray paint (for plastic surfaces, I used paint and primer in one)
  • Foam pouncers (I used these)
  • Liquid gold leaf
  • Candies of your choice
  • Minted mini art prints (mine are 5×7 and fit like a glove inside!)
  • Tissue paper filler (I used tissue paper fringe from Oh Hello Friend)

jumbo DIY easter egg favors | sugarandcloth.com

First, spray paint the plastic eggs the colors of your choice by breaking the eggs apart and painting each end separately to get the inside and outside (this way the entire egg is the same even when it’s opened).

Let them dry completely and put them back together, you can even mix and match colors like I did to create the color blocked look.

jumbo DIY easter egg favors | sugarandcloth.com

Now use your foam pouncer and gold leafing to dab mini polka dots all around the egg, being careful to not touch freshly inked dots! These particular eggs have flat bottoms which makes it easy to stamping around them.

jumbo DIY easter egg favors | sugarandcloth.com    

Let the gold leafing dry and then stuff them with filler, candies, and you favorite mini Minted prints!

jumbo DIY easter egg favors | sugarandcloth.com

Sit them out in a cute pastel basket for guests to grab on their way home. I’m soooo glad I convinced myself this mint green metal basket was a necessity when I was in Round Top last year, totally came in handy!

In case you missed our Easter dessert spread featuring these little jumbo guys, you can catch all of the details here!

artwork by Heather Francisco for Minted // photography by Kimberly Chau

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