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Local Shop // Sweet


sweet bakery and coffee shop houston texas

Aside from the number one question I always receive (which I mentioned here), people always ask me how I come up with ideas for projects, or things that inspire me. I can say without a doubt that adventuring to new shops, cities, and places inspires me more than anything else. I’m always intrigued by how things are displayed or used in new ways, and there is never any shortage of genius ideas behind little boutiques and local spots that are reinventing the creative wheel. To spread the wealth, I thought I’d start sharing my favorites with you here…

I’d like to introduce you to Sweet, the cutest, most drool-worthy bakery and coffee shop that you may ever step foot into. Not only does Sweet do sweet really well, but it definitely has bragging rights for the loveliest decor on the Houston macaron block, and trust me, I have been around the macaron block!

sweet bakery and coffee shop houston texas

sweet bakery and coffee shop houston texas

And just in case you want to take the treats (and cuteness) home with you, all of their goodies can come lovingly tucked into containers and boxes that could make any heart melt.

sweet bakery and coffee shop houston texas

sweet bakery and coffee shop houston texas

sweet bakery and coffee shop houston texas

I had the strawberry and vanilla pots de creme… and maybe a macaron or two for the go, but I can neither confirm or deny that.

sweet bakery and coffee shop houston texas

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Creative Giving Ideas to DIY Instead of Buy


Once upon a time I made my dad a patchwork magnet that was supposed to look like him driving his truck… it turned out about as well as you just imagined, or worse. Of course he still used the magnet on account of the fact that I made it, but I’d like to think that my taste in handmade gifts has improved since then. So, I put together a list of some of my favorite DIY projects to get you inspired to create rather than buy this year.

over 10 different creative giving DIY projects

1 leather pouch by Sugar & Cloth for Poppytalk // 2 makeup utensil holder by House of Earnest // 3 postage stamp coasters on Design*Sponge // 4 ethnic wrap clutch by Swell Mayde // 5 stitched and patterned shower curtain on Design Love Fest // 6 custom stamped leather tie clips by Lovely Indeed // 7 unisex chef’s apron by The Purl Bee // 8 cutting board by Oh Happy Day // 9 secret family recipes book on Real Simple // 10 monogram marquee letter by Sugar & Cloth for Grey Likes Nesting // 11 printable elixir bottle labels by Eat Drink Chic  // 12 vintage tin candles on Design*Sponge // 13 morning, noon, and night salt scrubs on Real Simple

In case you need a few more ideas, you can catch last year’s top 12 list, here.

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Reader Favorite // Creative Giving


most read post from sugar & cloth

You know how New Year’s always gets turned into a recap of the best and (sometimes) most embarrassing moments? Well, I’ve decided to dedicate this week to sharing noteworthy moments from the first year of S+C.

Hands down my most read post was Creative GivingI’d rehash it for you here, but looking back on the original graphic hurts me a little. What was I thinking when I designed this? I’ve thought about redesigning it a few times since, but I’d rather keep the originals, ugly or not. It’s more fun to see how far things have come.

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Working Girl: Bee Shyuan Chang


Bee Shyuan Chang working girl interview

I loved this short interview with writer Bee Shyuan Chang for the Month Of Working Girls series. It’s so inspiring to me to read the tid-bits behind successful women. In a world filled with so much talent, it’s encouraging to be reminded that success (in whatever measure you hope for it), isn’t an impossible stretch. These were my favorites from Bee:

Hands down, best professional advice you ever got.
“Talent only matters so much. Tenacity and perseverance go further in the long run.”

What skill or habit do you think is vital for success?
“Figuring out a system that works for you. For example, I have mild ADD and I’ve figured out I’m productive if I have a few things going on at once, but I stay organized via Google Calendar so things don’t spin out of control. Other than that? Caffeine.”

What’s your favorite thing to wear to work?
“A bright cotton or silk dress and my favorite Prada platforms. I’ve had them resoled maybe six times now.”


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photos by Sunny Shokrae via Refinery 29

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Currently // Portfolio + Job Thoughts


ashley roses portfolio

I spent yesterday compiling a few of my favorite projects and designs that I’ve done over the last year or so, and I wanted to share my new portfolio with you! I realize that I don’t write much about my day job (working as a server at a seafood restaurant), but that’s mostly because it’s neither exciting nor creative. In fact, it’s the opposite of those things, which is why I decided to put together a portfolio of recent work so that hopefully I can find something I love to do instead of one that consists of taking food orders and getting people more tartar sauce. Don’t get me wrong, I’m incredibly thankful to have a job that’s flexible and pays well (which is what allows me to keep up with S + C), but I’m beyond ready to move on. So, if you know of anything exciting in Houston (or virtual) let me know. Even if not, I accept prayers even more so!

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