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Announcing the first Sugar & Cloth floral workshop!


floral workshop | sugarandcloth.com floral workshop | sugarandcloth.com

I’m super, super excited to announce the first Sugar & Cloth floral workshop happening this September in Houston. It’s still kind of surreal that it’s even an option to have workshops now that we have the new studio. Before all I could’ve hosted was a small get together in my livingroom to watch my cat Thomas do his same three party tricks, and one of the three is just a stone cold death stare. I mean, I know a few people who might’ve bought tickets, but I still would’ve done down in history for that one.

Good news is I’ve teamed up with Maria of Maxit Flower Design to bring the pro tips considering I happen to kill things slowly, and not quite as poetically as the Fugees sang it. Although I can make a mean alphabet out of pretty stems (case in point is the top photo). You win some, you lose some I guess..

floral workshop | sugarandcloth.com

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A peek of the new studio and the most excited I’ve ever been about window treatments


sugar and cloth studio decorview windows | sugarandcloth.com sugar and cloth studio decorview windows | sugarandcloth.com Well that was a long winded title if there ever was one, huh? It’s true though, I am officially my mother with with how excited I am over the new studio window treatments that I mentioned the other day. I seriously think we spent half the day looking for reasons to open and shut the shades…

The light in the studio is one of the main reasons I chose it, add that to my love affair with all things white and gold, and you’ve got yourself one giant sun-reflector. Okay, it’s not really that intense, but it does get pretty direct sun during the day which is counter productive for a) not sweating myself skinny in the middle of summer (which normally I would love if it wasn’t at work), and b) it makes for not so great DIY project lighting since it’s too harsh.

That’s where these magical built-in light diffuser Hunter Douglas window treaments (as I’ve since named them) by Decorview and come in, and yes, I felt the need to include a mini animation to show you the difference…

sugar and cloth studio decorview windows | sugarandcloth.com

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A new site and this weekend’s travels!


marfa by brooke schwab photography

Alright, confession time everyone! I’ve been in a little bitty slump lately. I’ve hinted at it here and there so I’ll spare you the sob story, but I’m excited to announce a fresh new look to Sugar & Cloth to help get myself back in gear. It’s kind of like having a twenty-something life crisis and painting your entire house on the spur of a moment. You know, just the usual. The ladies over at Blogzilla provided the makeover and I’m pretty much in love! I’m working on a few loose ends here and there, so forgive me for any untidy corners.

On another note, I’m headed to Marfa this weekend! I’ve lived in Texas for almost four years now and I’ve never been further west than San Antonio so I’m pretty excited. I hear it’s pretty spectacular! You can follow along on Instagram if you’d like (which you should like, see what I did there?).

photo by Brooke Schwab Photography

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