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The most time-consuming business cards ever…


business card packaging

business card packaging

I’m officially headed to Alt today, (whoop!) and as a friendly reminder, this DIY’er always welcomes a wish of luck and a prayer or two. While I’m plane hopping and fighting off butterflies, I’ve left you with the unveil of what I’ve deemed my new Blood, Sweat, & Tears business card packaging. My husband would be very happy to vouch for this new title as well…

The card was designed by me and letterpressed by the ever-amazing folks behind Eat Sleep Ride Print. We used clear business cards envelopes to enclose the card, a swirl of twine (my go-to item as you know), a package of glitter (my number two go-to item), and a little wooden clothespin to emphasize pulling yourself together. Okay, that last part isn’t true, I just thought they were cute so I threw them in there. Don’t judge me.

business card packaging

business card packaging


A quick fun fact for you: Did you know that you can rub chalk  over a rubber stamp to stamp your logo? True story!

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sugar and cloth personal business card design

I’m almost too embarrassed to say that I got new business cards, again. I feel like I’ve shown you a lot of new promo material lately, but I really needed personal business cards. You know, the kind that people read and then actually know what name to call you besides just “Sugar & Cloth”. Let’s be honest, being called Sugar & Cloth randomly out of context kind of sounds like it could be a stripper name.

This time around I asked Mike from Eat Sleep Ride Print to help me bust out some last minute cards, and I’m totally in love with them! They are letterpressed on both sides and are much more gender neutral than my previous design, not to mention they were a total hit at the blog conference this past weekend!

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Eat Sleep Ride Print // The Sequal


eat sleep ride print stationary gift tags invites etsy letterpress eat sleep ride print hand-drawn invites

Attention all paper nerds: prepare your socks to be knocked off by the lovely work of Eat Sleep Ride Print. I featured Mike’s shop before with these Keep Calm & Open Your Present gift tags, and here he is again. This time though, I can speak from experience (I just got tons of goodies in the mail this week!).

If you thought you liked his work on screen, just wait until you can hold them in your hands. The quality and details of the designs will make you fall head over heels, especially the hand-drawn invites. From letterpress to silkscreen, the vibrant colors and modern type make these pieces worth every penny.

Is it too obvious that I’m excited about my new paper? In that case it’s a good thing I stopped with just the three pictures, although laying off the 8 p.m. cup of coffee could’ve helped, too.

photos by Sugar & Cloth prints c/o Mike Orhan
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