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My summer heat survival guide


Well it’s getting to be that time of year in Texas again, folks. Much like preparing extra water and cookies in advance for storms, it is due time to bust out the battery operated spritzing fan and Ban cooling cloths to keep the face glimmering to a minimum (and I don’t mean the glamorous kind). Cooling cloths might not sound (or look) cute, but it’s not my fault I don’t wear extreme heat well… I blame my mom.

All of this to say that in my almost four years of surviving Texas summers, I’ve come to learn a trick or about prepping summer essentials and these are a few of my favorites.–

summer survival guide | sugarandcloth.com

a super lightweight beach towel, there’s no reason to have thick cotton when you’re practically dry on spot  // a water bottle for every occasion. it might as well be cute if you have to have one // a token floppy hat. not just for the sun, but for disguising my crazy humidity ridden hair // mario badescu oil free moisturizer to calm down my already dewy skin without heat // tanning isn’t something my skin naturally likes to do, so a little sunless encouragement helps and this seems to be the current rave // cooling cloths for a quick freshen up that won’t make you feel like you’re stealing wipes from a baby // a bag worthy of toting around all of the summer staples // token leather sandals that leave a little room for fresh air // retro eye gear // tunic dresses for mixing comfort with as little clothing as possible while still staying classy // go all natural with air dried hair and a little sea spray for just off the beach hair with zero effort

Compensation was provided by Ban via MomTrends. The opinions expressed are my own (only I would admit to extreme glistening, after all) and are not indicative of the opinions of Ban or Momtrends
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DIY // Statement Necklace


DIY statement necklace by contributor Molly

project, tutorial, and photos contributed by Molly of Almost Makes Perfect

I’m back from a whirlwind week spent on both sides of the U.S., and the playing catch up has begun! I’m planning to fill you all in on my recent trip to the Martha Stewart Living headquarters and on the Better Homes & Gardens stylemaker workshop from last week, but until then, I want to introduce you to Molly of Almost Makes Perfect. She’s my newest DIY contributor and she seriously rocks! Not only is she super sweet, but she’s got mad crafter and designer skills that makes life seem unfair. Here she is with her first DIY for Sugar & Cloth!–

I was inspired to make a necklace using pipe fittings the other day when I was waiting around the plumbing section to ask a Home Depot employee a question. There are tons of little brass “beads” just begging to be worn around your neck instead of living in a toilet! Best part of the project – it took me 20 minutes and only cost $10.

DIY statement necklace by contributor Molly


  • Polymer clay (I used white and turqouise)
  • Black suede cording
  • 2 brass pipe fittings (i used 1/8” couplings)
  • Small awl or toothpick

DIY statement necklace by contributor Molly

Preheat the oven to 275. Condition your white clay and get it really soft. Do the same with just a tiny amount of your accent color for the marbled beads. Make your large round ball out of the white clay.

Make two smaller white balls. Once you get the pair even and you’re happy with the size, roll them out into tubes. Take little bits of the color and place them onto the tubes.

Roll and mix the tube into a ball until you see it really get saturated and develop a marbled pattern — But don’t do it for too long or the colors will just blend. Once you like all three beads, gently poke holes in the center with your awl or toothpick. Bake for 15 minutes on a cooking sheet covered in foil.

DIY statement necklace by contributor Molly

When they’re baked and cooled, place them along with the pipe fittings onto your cording. Determine the length you’d like and trim. To make a closure, tie a triple knot around one end, and knot a loop around the other. Put the knot through the loop and if it feels secure – you’re all done!

DIY statement necklace by contributor Molly

project, tutorial, and photos contributed by Molly of Almost Makes Perfect


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DIY // Golden Charm Necklace


DIY golden charm necklace @ms_living #12monthsofmartha

I’m always a sucker for long necklaces. They’re just so easy to throw on with almost anything, and the long length makes me feel not too put together. I say all of this like I know what’s going on in the real fashion world (as opposed to my little bubble), but what I do know for sure is that I pretty much love the new golden charms and enamels from the Martha Stewart jewelry line.

This DIY golden charm necklace is super simple to make, plus you could easily skip the long chain and throw them on a golden loop ring for drink charms or key-rings, too!


  • Golden charms by Martha Stewart (at Michael’s)
  • Golden chain necklace
  • Gold jump rings
  • Chain nose pliers by Martha Stewart

DIY golden charm necklace @ms_living #12monthsofmartha DIY golden charm necklace @ms_living #12monthsofmartha This necklace is literally as simple as attaching your charms to the jump rings, and slipping them onto your necklace chain. Easy to do, but packs a big punch!

DIY golden charm necklace @ms_living #12monthsofmartha DIY golden charm necklace @ms_living #12monthsofmartha

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Buy or DIY // 5 Scalloped items you wish you had.


buy or DIY, five scalloped items you wish you had

I realize not everyone will actually DIY, so I decided to start a new column that’s the best of both worlds to give you the option to buy or DIY (yes, I rhyme.) Now for other important measures…

Without a doubt, polka dots are one of my favorite things of all time. I really can’t think of anything that wouldn’t be cuter with a few polka dots, but if I had to pick a second favorite, it would be anything that’s scalloped. To help you add a few scalloped items to your collections, here are five products and inspirations for you to buy or DIY.

Succulent planter kit by Oh No Rachio // DIY scalloped cut-off shorts // DIY scalloped candle holders // Scalloped cupcake side table by Loyal Loot // Chloe mint green scalloped ballerina flats

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