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DIY // Favorite Valentine’s from the archives

February 3, 2014

DIY xoxo gift wrap

It’s kind of funny how some of the simplest projects turn out to be the most popular. I wish I had a good radar for this, but sometimes making projects is just like rolling the dice, but these four Valentine’s DIY’s that I made last year were the most popular. I have to say that my DIY xoxo gift wrap was a personal favorite! Can you guess what the reader favorite was? Hint: if hipster cupid shot arrows…

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DIY // You’re Dynamite Valentines

January 28, 2014

DIY you're dynamite valentine DIY you're dynamite valentine

In case you were ever wondering if there was such a thing as friendly dynamite… the answer is yes. Not only is it friendly but it’s full of pretty surprises and love notes (at least my version is) with this DIY You’re Dynamite Valentine for this month’s 12 Months of Martha.

Can you guess what this little bundle of Cupid is made of? That’s right, an old seasoning container. Let’s not pretend that you aren’t looking for a good reason to buy the hot chocolate mix or can of Pringles, and I’m happy to support the habit for you to recycle them to make inexpensive I love you’s. If you are one of the die hards still sticking to your New Year’s resolution, you can just use an old mailing tube..

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DIY // Valentine Arrow Cookie Picks

January 22, 2014

DIY  Valentine crrow cookie picks by Sugar & Cloth DIY  Valentine crrow cookie picks by Sugar & Cloth

I’ve come to decide that dressing up macarons is a lot like buying a cute, fuzzy costume for a puppy. They’re plenty cute enough on their own but why resist doubling the cuteness is you don’t have to, you know? It’s pretty much the same story with these DIY Valentine arrow cookie picks that are just too easy to skip. Plus, it never hurts to have the most fun dessert at the party either.


  • Toothpicks or skinny candles
  • Adhesive felt
  • Scissors
  • Fringe Scissors
  • Tissue paper
  • Tacky glue

DIY Valentine Arrow Cookie Picks

To make the tassel, stack several sheets of tissue paper on top of each other, folded in half, and then use fringe scissors along the bottom, stopping 3/4 of the way up to make the cuts. If you don’t have fringe scissors, you can just use regular scissors and cut slits equal distances apart on your own.

Make a stripe of tacky glue across the top of the finished fringe, then stick your toothpick or candle stick on the edge and roll the frill all the way around and secure the end with a dab of glue. Once the stick with frill in finished, gently poke it through the cookie, being careful not to push to hard and crack them in half.

DIY Valentine Arrow Cookie Picks DIY Valentine Arrow Cookie Picks

Next, cut out mini triangles from the adhesive felt, you’ll need to of the same size triangle for each pick.

Once you have the triangles cut, peel the adhesive backing off and paste a triangle to the opposite end of the frill on the stick and then adhere one to the other side as well.

DIY  Valentine crrow cookie picks by Sugar & Cloth

DIY  Valentine crrow cookie picks by Sugar & Cloth

Now write a little love note to go with them and you’re all set!

DIY // Wooden Polaroid Gift Set

January 16, 2014

DIY wooden polaroid gift set for Valentine's Day

One time I made my dad a refrigerator magnet out of oven bake clay in the shape of his truck with a stick figure of him as the driver and our dog in the back. To make it even funnier, our dog never rode in the back of my dad’s truck, I made the body twelve different colors, and had my dad wearing bib overalls he didn’t even own. I don’t mean to brag, but clearly I’ve been an aspiring artist from a young age. However, modern day guys should get a Valentine’s gift that’s a little better suited than oven bake clay, am I right?

These DIY wooden polaroids are simple, inexpensive, and a homemade gift your guy might not secretly want to throw away (no offense). You can personalize them by making them into magnets, writing love notes at the bottom, or just filling them with your favorite memories together. Either way, it’s gotta be better than my magnetic truck..


DIY wooden polaroid gift set for Valentine's Day

Print out photos at 2 3/4×2 1/4 inches on matte photo paper. Spread tacky glue on one side of a wooden polaroid frame and position over the photo and press firmly on all corners.  DIY wooden polaroid gift set for Valentine's Day

Next, cut the excess paper around the outside of the frame. If you want to turn them into magnets, you can glue a magnet onto the back of the photo on the bottom part where the wooden edge is thickest.

Write little notes from your adventures at the bottom, package them in a box, and they’re ready for gifting!

DIY wooden polaroid gift set for Valentine's Day DIY wooden polaroid gift set for Valentine's Day