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What’s in my bag & a giveaway!


bucket bag, MZ Wallace giveaway | Sugar & Cloth bucket bag, MZ Wallace giveaway | Sugar & Cloth

photos by Jared Smith

Did you guys ever go through the super oversized bag trend that happened a few years ago that felt a little something like this after about an hour into shopping? Well, I really, really embraced that phase. It spoke to my inner hoarder tendencies in a way I can really only explain to people that love to watch a lot of the A&E channel. Alas, I’ve since toned down my “am I going camping, or am I going to grab coffee and not come back for three days?” look, and have since found other alternatives to feed the habit and I’m currently obsessed with this bucket bag from MZ Wallace.

Between it and the one Jared had made for me for Christmas by Jed Foronda, I’m pretty much golden. Of course I still have my token supplies I always tote around, and am happy to share what’s in my bag and my favorite things to hoard with anyone who will listen, BUT there’s also a really awesome giveaway to go along with that…

bucket bag, MZ Wallace giveaway | Sugar & Cloth

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Couples Day Date Idea (& win a bike!)


couple date day idea with biking and a picnic | sugar and cloth couple date day idea with biking and a picnic | sugar and cloth

photos by Ling Wang Photography

No one ever said dates have to be super elaborate or expensive to be memorable. They also never said being newly self employed was easy, so it’s a good thing there are equally fun alternatives to the “just like the movies” dates that people tend to forget about, like biking to a picnic spot in one of your favorite neighborhoods as a couples day date idea, because that’s the kind of budget we’re on!

I’m also not referring to the Pinterest picnics where someone miraculously packed a fine china cake stand with perfectly iced cupcakes to place next to their dapper, model boyfriend who would never actually be caught dead sitting on a monogrammed cashmere throw in matching outfits in public. No, this is a real life couples day date that you can actually pack in a bicycle basket with your (equally dapper, that part was true) boyfriend and can still be just as cute and thought out as any.

Obviously you’ll need a cute bike to start out, so Brooklyn Bicycle Co. will be giving one lucky reader $499 for a bike of their own! Click through to see how I packed our real life picnic and enter the giveaway, plus I need to show how I put my DIY polka dot bicycle basket to good use…

couple date day idea with biking and a picnic | sugar and cloth

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Tell us what you think (and a reader giveaway!)


gold craft supplies

I’ve officially missed all of you after two weeks off, so let me just start this out with a virtual hug. Secondly (and most importantly), I want to genuinely thank you for making 2014 awesome. The fact that you’re still along for this crazy DIY ride is what encourages and inspires me to keep scheming up new things, wether it’s cactus tree decor, a small sugar coma on a plate, or a pretty place to rest your head at night.

I have plenty more planned for you this year, too, but before I really dive into the new year with more projects, I want to hear what you want to see most. This is your chance to really tell us what you think about the blog – your favorite aspects, your least favorite aspects, or even just to say hello or ask a quick question. The survey is only 4 questions long AND you can enter to win a mystery box full of my favorite craft supplies and sweet nothings as a thank you for taking the time to fill us in. Let’s just say you’ll be glad you entered, and everything is very… golden!

Once you’ve finished the survey, you can enter to win a box of my favorite craft supplies below!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway ends January 9, 2015 at 12:00am CST, sponsored by Sugar & Cloth.

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$125 Hannah Naomi Giveaway!


Hannah Naomi giveaway! | sugarandcloth.com Hannah Naomi giveaway! | sugarandcloth.com

photos by Jared Smith

I’m pretty much a serial stacking ring wearer if there ever was such a thing. I just really love the simplicity of the ultra thin look paired with dainty bracelets, which makes me feel like I sort of tried when I end up wearing almost the same outfit for the second time that week just to survive the deadline madness that happens around here.

To help spread the holiday love on to you, I teamed up with one of my favorites for this Hannah Noami giveaway for $125 towards your favorite items from her shop to either keep or pass along as gifts for the holidays!

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