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10 Gold Must-Have Decor Items Under $40


10 gold must-have decor items under $40 | sugarandcloth.com

Am I the only one that when they move somewhere new they scour the ends of the earth looking for something inexpensive and new to make them feel like they’re not just bringing the same old furniture to a new space? I do this every. single. time. I rarely have the money to just up and replace major pieces of furniture, but accessories I can do.

These are some of the things you’ll being seeing in the new studio, and of course I have to keep my token color with 10 gold must-have decor items under $40! How ridiculously awesome is this gold caddy?! I just mine in the mail yesterday and I may have hugged it when I took it out of the box… don’t judge me.

gold metal tray, $14 // pineapple candle, $6.95 // gold party cups, $2.95 // gold soap dispenser, $9.95 // gold cakestand, $14.95 // set of two brass bowls, $35 // HAY scissors, $49 // metallic planter, $12 // four piece gold bar set, $17 // handy gold caddy, $39.95

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DIY XOXO Throw Blanket


DIY XOXO Throw Blanket | sugar and cloth DIY XOXO Throw Blanket | sugar and cloth

photos by Jared Smith

You guys, we have been DIY’ing like mad people over here lately, and there’s still plenty more to come. To spread the love, I’m helping welcome Chelsea’s newest addition to the club by sharing this DIY XOXO throw blanket over on her blog while she’s spending a little extra time bonding with Mr. Henry, so be sure to check it out!

And don’t forget to enter to win my bike! Because first comes love, then picnic bicycle dates, and then little Henry’s. Don’t worry, I’m still in the bicycle phase for now.


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DIY Colorblocked Barn Door


DIY colorblocked barn door | sugarandcloth.com DIY colorblocked barn door | sugarandcloth.com

Okay, I’m going to attempt to make a very, very long story short here with this DIY. I had been imagining this awesome, mod sliding door for the new studio, and at first I was picturing it to be white with multi-colored brush strokes like my DIY watercolor cake. Then Jared convinced me that would be too intense and that I should go a different route, so then I was thinking about making it white with gold midcentury starbursts patterned all over, but then those got lost in the mail and finally arrived two weeks late and were NOT cute. I repeat, not cute (I can’t stand mismatched golds close together!). Alas, I went with an old favorite, colorblocking, to bring you this DIY colorblock barn door.

I tell you all of this just to reassure myself that I’ve not completely lost my mind in the middle of all of this renovating business, and I’m not-so-secretly hoping you’re going to tell me that you have all made a million and one changes to your home improvement strategies (and a million trips to Lowe’s) before you got to “the one”. Sheesh! A thousand hours on Pinterest couldn’t even have prepped me for that amount of on the spot decision making, my friends!

DIY colorblocked barn door | sugarandcloth.com

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Brooklyn Thread Giveaway!


brooklyn thread giveaway brooklyn thread giveaway

In case you’re looking for the perfect gift for your bestie, we’re happy to help support the cause with a Brooklyn Thread giveaway! Or you can just keep the goodies for yourself as a reward for surviving some of the holiday madness and I’ll pinky swear not to judge you. If only you could’ve seen my luggage trying to bring back all of my LA goodies from the weekend, you’d really know I mean that.

One lucky Sugar & Cloth reader will win a rose quartz stone candle holder, a rose quartz wine stopper, and a pink agate stone trivet. You know what that means right? You’ll have the raddest bar cart around just in time for all of the parties, or the perfect place to stash your new trinkets and lotions on your console like I did.

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