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DIY Mini Face Planters


DIY mini face planters | sugar & cloth DIY mini face planters | sugar & cloth

I, Teri, am a little planter obsessed at the moment!…Any excuse to bring a bit of green into the house and create a pretty pot to go with it, is a good one. For this project I delved back into my childhood memories of poached egg and soldiers, and growing cress plants in egg shells. I had a moment of rediscovery (deep, I know) since not having any use for them since childhood, and I’d totally forgotten about egg cups, which make the perfect little DIY mini face planters! It sprang to mind that the cups needed faces because, of course everything looks better with a face on it these days, right?

This tutorial is so simple to follow and gives you scope to get creative and choose all manner of crazy plants for the hair. The great news is you need very few materials to make this but do make sure you use a fine porcelain pen for the features rather than a paintbrush. This will make it so much easier to get the details nice and neat. Once baked the paint is set onto the egg cups and should be dishwasher resistant dependent on the make of paint you use…
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A Guide to Bring in Spring with Plants


Post and image designs by Lee Vosburgh

Spring weather is officially here and as nice as it’d be to just ditch our responsibilities, play hooky and spend all day outdoors, that’s not really an option for most of us. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a bit of nature’s green goodness in the office or at home.

Here’s a little round up of some seriously pretty plants and planters that would gladly host a few fresh outdoor friends as little guide to bring in Spring with plants!

a plant for every room in the house | sugar & cloth

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DIY Leather Hexagon Vanity Tray


DIY Hexagon tray 1 DIY Hexagon tray 2

photos and tutorial by The Lovely Drawer

The hunt for our new blog contributor is finally over, and I’m so excited to slowly introduce you to the awesome ladies that will be bringing you even more awesome content, starting with Teri from The Lovely Drawer! While we’re still in LA working on some fun things (be sure to keep up with us here!), Teri is sharing how to make these DIY leather hexagon vanity trays to keep you organized and on trend while you’re getting ready in the mornings, or winding down at night…

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Sending my love back home on Mother’s Day…


sending love back home for mother's day | sugar & cloth sending love back home for mother's day | sugar & cloth

photos by Jared Smith

Living in Houston has posed multiple challenges for me with life as I used to know it. For instance, learning to live with extreme humidity basically year round (I thought I was bad at styling my hair before, ha!), navigating a thousand different highways to get just about anywhere, and having to miss out on a lot of holidays with the my Mom and Dad back home. The latter of the three breaks my heart all too often, so I’ve gotten super accustomed to finding ways to of sending my love back home, like ProFlowers for Mother’s Day (though my Mom absolutely requires chocolate at every occasion, so I have to add that on too, ha!) and my token Polo hat in the same color every year for my Dad for Father’s Day. Except the time I bought him a microwave, but that’s a story for another time….

My parents separated when I was really young, so I know all about how hard it can be on holidays, especially Mother and Father’s Day, when there isn’t a second parent around to make sure the day is made special when kids are young or to be able to take a break even if just for the day. Knowing all of that, I have a very special place in my heart for single parents, so I decided to give a little extra attention to two single, hard working, and dedicated Moms here in Houston that we know and love by doting on them and their little families with sweets, a photo shoot, and a bouquet that we thought reflected their awesome personalities in honor of Mother’s Day…

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