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DIY // Ten genius things to make from copper


Much like the donut has become just as cool as the cupcake, copper is quickly creeping up to be the new gold in town… and I like it. These ten crazy, and I say crazy because of how insanely genius some of them are, copper DIY’s will have you on the decor forefront in no time! Just don’t be mad if the guys in Home Depot happen to look at you funny as you strategically pick out your favorite pieces of copper, all of the cool kids are doing it too.

ten genius DIY projects to make with copper

top photo, from left to right: DIY copper pipe wall sconce by Claire Zinnecker for Camille Styles// DIY copper ladder storage by Monster Circus // DIY copper tripod lamp by Sarah M. Dorsey // DIY copper indoor garden by Monster Circus for Electric Trends // DIY copper handled marble tray by Almost Makes Perfect

bottom photo, from left to right: DIY copper sconce by Sugar & Cloth // DIY copper clothing rack by Weekday Carnival // DIY macrame wall hanging by Sarah Sherman Samuel for A Beautiful Mess // DIY mini copper planters by Sugar & Cloth // DIY copper kitchen wall hooks by My Home Design 

ten genius DIY projects to make with copper

A little insider tip: Did you know you can polish copper with ketchup? It’s true! If the smell of that much ketchup doesn’t make you nauseous, you can save yourself a lot of money cleaning up your DIY projects with it instead.

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DIY // Cork Storage Boxes


DIY cork house storage box DIY cork house storage box

project, photos and tutorial contributed by Kathleen of Snow Drop and Co.

Even though Pinterest is pretty much my favorite way to organize photos and ideas, I always seem to have a stack of magazine clippings and little notes on my desk at all times. The pile can get pretty distracting when I’m trying to get stuff done, so it’s great to have a nice-looking way to hide (I mean organize) the mess.

These cork houses are great storage in two ways – not only can you store your papers and office supplies inside, but you can pin some of your prettier notes and clippings on the outside too! Now please excuse me while I go make a whole village of cork houses for all my bits of paper.

DIY cork house storage box  


  • White foamcore
  • Self adhesive cork (available by the roll at hardware stores)
  • Ruler
  • Exacto knife
  • Pencil
  • Hot glue gun
  • Cutting mat

DIY cork house storage box

Step 1: Using your exacto knife, cut out the front and sides for the walls of your house. For the front of the house pictured, I drew a 3” square and added a 1 ½” triangle on top. The sides are 3” by 3 ½”.

Step 2: Hot glue the walls together.

Step 3: Cut a piece of foamcore to fit inside the walls for the bottom of the box. Hot glue it in.

Step 4: Cut foamcore for your roof; these pieces were both 3” by 4 1/2” but ¼” was trimmed off one piece.

Step 5: Glue the roof panels together to make a 90 degree angle – the longer roof panel should be glued on top so that the roof ends up symmetrical. Cut two small foamcore triangles and glue them about 1” from both ends of the roof. These will help support the roof shape.

Step 6: You should now have a completed foamcore house!

DIY cork house storage box

Step 7: Cut pieces of the adhesive cork slightly bigger than each wall.

Step 8: Peel off the backing and adhere the cork onto the foamcore wall. Use your exacto knife to trim the overhanging cork. Repeat for the remaing walls.

Step 9: Do the same for the roof. You’ll also want to cover any of the roof’s underside that hangs over the walls.

Step 10: Repeat and make a whole village of cork houses!

DIY cork house storage box


DIY cork house storage box

project, photos and tutorial contributed by Kathleen of Snow Drop and Co.

contributor kathleen

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DIY // Neon Macramé Jars


DIY neon macrame jars

DIY neon macrame jars project and photos contributed by Kathleen of Snowdrop & Co.

I, Kathleen, have a confession to make: I am a glass jar hoarder. Once I empty a jar, I can’t help but add it to my stash. Not only that but I’ve been known to buy food simply because I want the empty jar afterwards. If you’re anything like me, today’s DIY is a great way to put some of those jars to use.

A fun and nautical way to spice up your craft storage, neon cord adds a summery splash that makes even organization something to look forward to.

DIY neon macrame jar


  • Neon cord
  • Empty jars
  • Aluminum foil pan
  • Washi tape
  • Scissors
  • Exacto knife
  • Hot glue gun
  • Measuring tape

DIY neon macrame jars

Step 1: Cut five strands of cord each about 6’. Fold them at the center and tie an overhand knot; you should now have ten 3’ strands of cord. This should be more than enough for a pickle jar – if your jar is smaller/bigger adjust these lengths accordingly. You can also experiment using fewer strands for smaller jars and more strands for bigger jars.

Step 2: If your cord tends to fray once cut, use tape or a lighter to prevent further fraying.

Step 3: Using your measuring tape, tie two strands together about 2” from the original big knot. Repeat for the other strands.

Step 4: Repeat step 3, but separate the joined strands and tie strands from neighboring knots together, also about 2” apart, creating a net as seen in the image.

Step 5: Every once in a while, it’s a good idea to check how your macramé net is fitting over the jar. If you want to change the way the net looks, simply untie the knots you’re unhappy with and retie at a different measurement.

Step 6: Continue tying knots and checking that it fits your jar.

Step 7: Stop once your macramé net reaches the mouth of the jar.

Step 8: On the bottom of the jar, hot glue the double-strands of cord onto the jar. It’s best to do this in the concave area that won’t touch the table – this allows the jar to stand flat.

Step 9: Using the exacto knife, cut off the big original knot.

  DIY neon macrame jar

Step 10: Once the big original knot is cut off, the jar should stand flat on the table. If your cord frays a lot, use additional hot glue to seal the raw edges you just cut.

Step 11: At the mouth of the jar, hot glue the cord into the threads of the jar.

Step 12: Use the exacto knife to cut off any excess cord.

Step 13: As before, hot glue any raw edges to prevent fraying.

Step 14: Measure the circumference of the mouth of the jar and cut a strip of aluminum ½” longer; the width should at least cover the threads of the jar.

Step 15: If your aluminum strip has raised bumps on it, flatten them by rubbing the handle of your scissors on it back and forth until smooth.

Step 16: There may still be some texture when you’re done, but this adds interest to the rim!

Step 17: Use hot glue to secure the aluminum strip to the mouth of the jar.

DIY neon macrame jars

There you have it – repeat on as many types of jars as you please!

contributor kathleen

project and photos contributed by Kathleen of Snowdrop & Co.



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12 Ways To Creatively Organize


twelve ways to creatively organize and store

Since were prepping to move in less than a month (and by prepping I mean that I’ve brought home 1 cardboard box), I’m excited to take full advantage of gaining a clean slate. I’ve been searching high and low for creative ways to organize and use space, and these are a few favorites to recreate–

1// Use wall mounted vintage enamel holders to clear kitchen space. –Martha Stewart

2// Clear clutter by putting everyday kitchen spices and sugar on a cake stand. – Martha Stewart

3// Display your jewelry organizer with bell jars, candle bases, and jewelry stands. – Pottery Barn

4// Disguised storage bins with book spines. – Roadside Photographs

5// Put some wheels on it with rolling storage bins. – Serena & Lily

6// Display colorful wrapping papers in a clear or mesh bin. – Marcus Design 

7// Keep the vintage alive by storing your craft supplies in tin containers. – The Fancy Farmgirl

8// Convert a closet into a desk area to maximize space. – Sunset

9// Repurpose old suitcases to organize miscellaneous supplies. – Better Homes & Gardens

10// Create free shelving with old tree branches. – Funkytime

11// You won’t forget anything with a life-size chalkboard wall calendar. – Martha Stewart

12// Keep your papers in one place with this adorable retro magnetic memo board. – H of S

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