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Behind The Scenes Lately 6/18


sugar & cloth studio

Oh man, where do I even begin with this behind the scenes lately post?! It’s been an exciting few weeks, but also and extremely stressful and kind of weird time. It’s funny how that goes, isn’t it? I’m basically like a giant fondue pot of emotions, now that’s a life analogy…

But seriously, we have a few big things in the works, none of which I’m allowed to talk about yet, of course, but it’s nice knowing they’re at least coming around. You can just think of it as pre-Christmas gift shopping, and I just have to keep it a surprise for a few more months.

Shorter term, we’re working on a cool photo shoot for BHLDN tomorrow and I’ll be running around like a crazy person trying to finish up on that today, but be sure to follow along on Instagram and Snapchat (@sugarandcloth) for sneak peeks if you’re not already!…

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The Sugar & Cloth Studio Kitchenette


sugar and cloth studio kitchenette | sugar & cloth sugar and cloth studio kitchenette | sugar & cloth

photos by Jared Smith

I know I’ve shared a few peeks here and there, but the new Sugar & Cloth studio kitchenette is finally complete!… for the most part. Technically I still have two more shelves to fill with colorful dinnerware and an extra cacti or two before it’s really done, but hey, considering it looked like this to begin with, it’s finished it my book! Plus I have to keep some things a mystery otherwise you’ll fall asleep with coffee in hand by the time we make it to the studio tour.

We teamed up with the lovely folks at Lowe’s for the bulk of the studio renovating, and though 20 tubes of caulk, paint rollers, brooms, mops, scrub brushes, knee pads, nails, screws, grout, paint, and a thousand other little sweet nothing may not seem like much, it’s actually a part of everything you see here! I really don’t think we could’ve pulled if those millions of trips to Lowe’s with a list full of questions and materials hadn’t happened.

Don’t worry though, I’m going to give you the full run down on how we kept everything within budget, all of our sources, AND the secret to our $36 countertop! Seriously, I would not even joke about that!

sugar and cloth studio kitchenette | sugar & cloth

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How to choose the perfect gift


DIY xoxo gift wrao

photo from my DIY xoxo gift wrap

With the holidays coming up, I figured I should go ahead and jump on the gift guide bandwagon early since, if you’re like me, you like to pre-pre-pre plan how to give the perfect gift way in advance. Plus this gives me a great excuse to push my sugar-high tendencies and my love for gold and white on you through my Giftry lists. But let’s be honest, I also need to help my Mom and Dad know what I want for Christmas subliminally through my blog posts, so here we go…

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DIY Abstract watercolor painted cake


DIY Abstract watercolor painted cake | sugarandcloth.com DIY Abstract watercolor painted cake | sugarandcloth.com

Last weekend we hosted my lovely friend Davina’s baby shower at the studio, so I felt like I could take it upon myself to make whatever kind of crazy cake I wanted to go along with it. After all, sugar is in the name and I only need half a reason to bust out my next Picasso of cakes anyways! Plus Davina and Kyle decided not to find out the sex of the baby early, so it left me no choice but to use every kid-friendly color there ever was just in case.

All of that to say I ended up making this DIY abstract watercolor painted cake as a result. I also had at least five people at the party ask me if it was edible, and yes, of course it is (it’s practically criminal if it’s not!). Plus it takes almost no artistic skills whatsoever to decorate this baby, so you can line all of your big kids up and just let them have at it for their next party or occasion, too!

DIY abstract watercolor cake | sugarandcloth.com

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