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Eats // Mango coconut pudding


mango coconut pudding recipe | sugarandcloth.com mango coconut pudding recipe | sugarandcloth.com

photos and recipe contributed by Nanette of Cultural Chromatics

Ok I mayyyy have a bit of an obsession with fruit and coconut. I don’t know what it is, but creamy, smooth coconut combined with the juicy, bright flavor of fruit is pretty much a winning combination.

I recently went to a Thai restaurant where I had the classic mango sticky rice dessert, which inspired me to remix it into light, pudding version where tropical mango is paired with a delicate vanilla-infused coconut. It’s the perfect dessert for sitting out on the patio on those hot summer nights!

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DIY // Fruit macarons


DIY fruit macarons | sugarandcloth.com DIY fruit macarons | sugarandcloth.com

Yes, it’s only been five days since I’ve last played with my food. This time I had a little encouragement though after a Friday morning meeting with Bite Macarons here in Houston, when naturally I left with two dozen colorful cookies…

Seeing as how the fruit trend is still going full force and I’m surrounding myself with bad macaron influences, I decided I’d try my hand at a little fruit cookie action to make my college art career worthwhile. Luckily my career there wasn’t super impressive and there’s this magical thing called Amazon Prime that sells pre-made royal icing goodies, so these are sure to be do-able for the masses. With all of this in mind, these DIY fruit macarons are surely destined to reignite the dying fruit basket, or kabob, or cake.. I could go on.

DIY fruit macarons | sugarandcloth.com

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DIY // Gilded gemstone popsicles


gilded gemstone popsicles | sugarandcloth.com gilded gemstone popsicles | sugarandcloth.com

photos by Jared Smith

I realize that technically lemonade and kool-aid popsicles don’t really go along with the ice cream theme we’ve been having this week, but they’re gold and gemstone shaped so I’m going to over look it. I mean, who can really say no to a gilded gemstone popsicle?

Which brings me to next point, I had trouble with deciding whether or not this would be a recipe since it’s edible, or a DIY since it’s kind of crafty. Decisions, you know? I went with DIY, but I’d like to hear your thoughts (I sneakily tagged them in my food category too, though). Maybe a food craft section is in order..

Did I mention these were also ring pop style? Now all I need is my token side bang hair braid that my Mom always made me wear and a good Tamagatchi or twelve and I’ll be back in third grade business my friends!

gilded gemstone popsicles | sugarandcloth.com

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Eats // Cake batter cookie chips and dip


cake batter and cookie chip dip recipe } sugarandcloth.com cake batter and cookie chip dip recipe } sugarandcloth.com

I hope you all had a nice holiday weekend! We spent our time with a happy mixture of work and play, yesterday being mostly play with a side of flash flood warnings, but you know! We ended up just having a simple game night with friends, and I made this super quick cake batter cookie chips and dip combination for the a light dessert. Of course you know I had to find at least three different pretty ways to serve it or else this wouldn’t be casa Sugar & Cloth, right?!

If you’re following the recipe as is, be prepared to feed at least twenty people and you can take the bowl display route. If you’re having a smaller crowd, you can cut the portions in half and whip up little mini servings in shot glasses with a spreader and cookies on the side. I mean, I think that’s even cute enough to make Santa come out of hiding for a quick cookie chip, no?

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