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DIY // Using Dry Ice for Effects (and a little extra bit)


how to safely use dry ice to create fog in drinks

If you’re missing the glitter and rainbows of my regular posts, don’t fret, they’ll be back next week! For now, I’m going to teach you how to safely use dry ice to create a fog effect in drinks for my last Halloween trick.

DIY using dry ice for fog effects


There are two main points to remember about dry ice: always buy the food grade dry ice, and secondly, never ever touch it!*

As long as you don’t come into direct contact with it, and are using the food safe version, then you can use it in drinks, punch, as fog machines, the list goes on. The warmer the liquid that you’re dropping the ice into, the more fog that you’ll get.

Bust up the dry ice block by lightly dropping the bag on hard ground a few times, and using small chunks for each jar. Keep the remaining dry ice in a small cooler, and replenish the ice as the fog dies down.

DIY using dry ice for fog effects

And for those of you wondering how to make the colorful scientific flask, just fill it with mineral oil and sprinkles. I covered the top with press and seal paper and ribbon so no one would try and drink it!


*Sugar & Cloth is in no way encouraging the misuse of dry ice. Though dry ice can be safe when used & handled properly, you are using it at your own risk.

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12 Ways To Creatively Organize


twelve ways to creatively organize and store

Since were prepping to move in less than a month (and by prepping I mean that I’ve brought home 1 cardboard box), I’m excited to take full advantage of gaining a clean slate. I’ve been searching high and low for creative ways to organize and use space, and these are a few favorites to recreate–

1// Use wall mounted vintage enamel holders to clear kitchen space. –Martha Stewart

2// Clear clutter by putting everyday kitchen spices and sugar on a cake stand. – Martha Stewart

3// Display your jewelry organizer with bell jars, candle bases, and jewelry stands. – Pottery Barn

4// Disguised storage bins with book spines. – Roadside Photographs

5// Put some wheels on it with rolling storage bins. – Serena & Lily

6// Display colorful wrapping papers in a clear or mesh bin. – Marcus Design 

7// Keep the vintage alive by storing your craft supplies in tin containers. – The Fancy Farmgirl

8// Convert a closet into a desk area to maximize space. – Sunset

9// Repurpose old suitcases to organize miscellaneous supplies. – Better Homes & Gardens

10// Create free shelving with old tree branches. – Funkytime

11// You won’t forget anything with a life-size chalkboard wall calendar. – Martha Stewart

12// Keep your papers in one place with this adorable retro magnetic memo board. – H of S

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