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photo of a house with christmas wreaths and garland for front door decorations
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DIY Outdoor Christmas Door Decorations - Christmas Garland

This outdoor Christmas garland is the perfect statement Christmas door decorations for this holiday season!
Total Time2 hrs 30 mins
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Servings: 1 jumbo garland
Cost: $125


  • Drill



  • To make the tops of the "bulbs" you're going to glue a wooden ring in between two wooden squares and let dry completely.
  • Using the Krylon Shimmer Metallic in Gold Shimmer, spray two coats of spray paint on all sides and angles of the tops of the bulbs and let dry completely in between. 
  • Next, alternate Gloss Banner Red, Matte Agua, and Matte Modern White to spray paint two coats on all sides of the wooden ovals on all sides, then let dry.
  • Once the spray paint is fully dry, glue one end of the wooden ovals in between the two wooden squares from the golden bulb tops, and let dry completely.
  • Using a drill and two wood screws, be sure to reinforce the bottom two corners of the wooden square by drilling it into the plaque. This will make sure they're nice and sturdy for hanging in addition to the glue. Do not skip this step!
  • If you're making the yard ornament version, glue a wooden stake to the back of each finished bulb a few inches from the bottom so that they'll stay securely in the ground.
  • If you're hanging them on a garland as I did for this entrance, use a twist tie to securely tie the bulb to the garland.