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photo of the details on a diy dressing table
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DIY Dressing Table Ikea Vanity

This dressing table is a super easy hack to make an Ikea vanity, and it's budget-friendly, too...
Total Time4 hrs
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Servings: 1 vanity
Cost: $175


  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Measuring tape



  • The steps for making your own Ikea vanity table are surprisingly simple! The hardest part is actually assembling the Ikea cabinets and mounting them to the wall securely. 
  • Regardless of what cabinets you end up choosing to use, you'll need to make sure those are assembled according to the manufacturer's instructions first. 
  • Once your cabinets are assembled, measure and mark the placement for mounting them to the wall. 
  • You'll want to make sure that you mount them at the correct height for whatever bench or chair you'll be using for the completed vanity. 
  • The standard height of desks and most sitting chairs is a minimum of 29 inches. I didn't plan to actually sit at my dressing table since I always stand when putting on my makeup. So when it came to mounting ours, we placed the top of the vanity at 36 inches so it could still fit a bench underneath for general use.
  • For the Ikea Eket cabinets, you'll follow the instruction for the suspension rail mounting hardware to attach it to the wall. 
  • Using the fine sandpaper, make sure the top and edges of the cut wood are smooth to the touch. 
  • For the table top, stain it with the wood stain color of your choice by wiping it onto the surface with a soft cloth. Be sure to stain the edges that will be shown on the sides as well.
  • Once the stain is dry, you can apply the matte polyurethane to the top for a wipable protective coating. 
  • Once the staining is complete, place the wood top on the vanity to ensure it fits to size, then use liquid nails on the underneath of the wood top to glue it to the cabinets. 
  • Liquid nails adhesive expands when it's curing, so be sure to use clamps or something heavy sitting on top of the surface until it's fully set. 
  • Next, you'll install your cabinet pulls for the Ikea vanity using a drill and screwdriver. Now it's time for the fun part, styling the table top!