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photo of the DIY flamingo ring toss yard game - sugar & cloth
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DIY Flamingo Ring Toss Game

This fun DIY Flamingo Ring Toss Game is an entertaining hit for kids and adults and even for those without a yard.
Total Time1 hr 30 mins
Course: DIY
Cuisine: Outdoor
Keyword: ashley rose, backyard games, flamingos, games
Cost: $75


  • Drop or rag cloth to cover surface when painting



If You Want To Color Coordinate Your Planters & Rings:

  • Spray paint your planters.
  • Spray paint each set of rings. You can have as many rings as you like, but be sure each player as the same amount of colored rings to tell their scores apart.
  • Leave to dry completely. You can tell if spray paint is dry if the painted surface does not stick to your hands. Depending on how many coats sprayed, it should about an hour to drive.

If You Have A Grassy Yard & Don't Want To Use Planters:

  • Stake your flamingos to the ground.
  • Start playing!

If You Don't Have A Grassy Yard &/Or Want To Use Planters:

  • Once dry, fill your planters with heavy sand, rocks or packed down soil to stick the flamingos in.  
  • Stake the flamingos into the planters.
  • Line the planters up, or make harder targets by spreading them out, with the ones further away being worth more points. 
  • Start playing!


The cost and time to make this DIY project depends on whether or not you want to use planters and if you want to paint your planters and/or rings.