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How to make spiked cotton candy - Sugar & Cloth
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DIY Spiked Cotton Candy Recipe

In case, a party with cotton candy wasn’t enticing enough, we’re teaching you how to make spiked cotton candy. 
Prep Time30 mins
Dry Time8 hrs
Total Time8 hrs 30 mins
Course: Desserts
Cuisine: Candy
Keyword: boozy desserts, candy, cotton candy, spiked desserts
Cost: 30


  • Cotton candy machine
  • Sheet pan


  • Floss Sugar  Or sugar free hard candies by melting the candy and adding in vodka once it starts to cool.
  • Vodka


  • Fill a flat plate or sheet pan with a bit of floss sugar.
  • Add just enough vodka to it to make it the same texture as wet sand/sugar scrub.
  • Stir the sugar and vodka mix around so that all of the sugar crystal are covered.
  • Lay the mixture out evenly on a cake pan to harden overnight back to dried sugar again. Be sure to keep it away from hot/humid areas. You’ll know it’s ready when it’s hard to the touch.
  • Since our machine makes hard candy cotton candy as well, we simply used a knife to chop up little pieces small enough to fit into the maker. But you could also put the crystal into a blender if you need finer pieces.
  • Spin the cotton candy as usual. And then you’re ready to serve!


  • Your cotton candy will only have about 50% of the alcohol content of the amount of liquor you use once it's fully prepped and spun.
  • So if you're using two shots of vodka in sugar floss to make four batches of cotton candy, there's really only one shot split between four people.