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DIY distressed wood shelves
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DIY Ikea Hack Distressed Wooden Shelves

These easy to make Ikea Hack Distressed Wood Shelves is the perfect weekend home decor project to make.
Cook Time2 hrs
Drying Time30 mins
Total Time2 hrs 30 mins
Course: DIY
Keyword: diy ikea hack distressed wooden shelves
Cost: $40


  • Sandpaper
  • Paint brush
  • Hand towel



  • Using random tools and utensils (like screws, a hammer, sand paper, or punches), begin marking and scraping the unfinished wood pieces
  • Use the sandpaper to round out the edges a bit and smooth out any major bumps caused from distressing the wood
  • Once the wood is distressed as much as you’d like for it to be, brush stain onto the wood. Allow to dry to the touch in between coats.
    For the second coat, only apply in certain areas, and use the hand towel to blend the edges of the second coat into the first.
    This will make certain spots a bit darker than others giving a reclaimed wood effect by having a variety of colors and will give interest to the distressed areas.
    You can also use the Ikea clear glaze finish to seal the wood from water as well.
  • Once the stain has dried completely, install the EKBY shelving ends according to the instructions on the package.
    You’ll definitely want an extra set of hands for this part!
    Now that your shelves are installed, decorate them with as many pretties as you’d like. And you’ve got yourself custom distressed wooden shelves for a fraction of the cost!