DIY // Reusable gold drink stirrers


DIY reusable gold drink stirrers | DIY reusable gold drink stirrers |

Once upon a time I emailed Bombshell Bar Goods and practically begged her to be best friends, and by that I mean I asked her if I could use her glassware forever and ever until the end of time — I loved it that much. Obviously I needed a fitting embellishment to go with my token white and gold go-to color combo, so I made these DIY gold drink stirrers. Technically they’re brass, but girlfriend has a strict budget…

Before anyone goes jabbing at me with food safety regulations, let me come to my own defense by saying that A) I grew up playing in creeks in West Virginia that no one has even thought of enough to name, so food safety isn’t one of my fears or top concerns in life, and B) the FDA website specifically states that brass is food safe as long as it’s not in contact with food or liquids with a pH level below 6, such as wine, vinegar, or fruit juices. There, that’s my PA for the day, now the rest is up to you to decide if you’re okay with a little brass.

Now that that’s behind us, we can move on to the cuteness that is gold drink stirrers that you can make in all of five-minutes…

DIY reusable gold drink stirrers |

DIY gold drink stirrers |

First sit the full length tube in the glassware you plan to use to get an idea of what size stirrer you’ll need to cut.

DIY gold drink stirrers |

Holding the tube where the cut needs to be made, insert it into the tube cutter and twist the plastic wheel until the tube is held tight. Now twist the entire cutter around the tube holding the tube steady with your other hand until it breaks free with a clean cut. You shouldn’t have nay sharp edges or need to do any sanding to the ends.

DIY reusable gold drink stirrers |

Now just insert into your glassware and serve! Be sure to hand wash the stirrers as soon as they’re finished being used to keep them in good, usable condition.

DIY reusable gold drink stirrers |

Hope you all have a good weekend with a cute drink or two! We’ll be playing hooky from our regular weekend work rendezvous to extend Jared’s birthday for a few extra days, but I’ll catch you Monday with a sweet recipe!

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12 thoughts on “DIY // Reusable gold drink stirrers

  1. jewel7013

    Your personality shines through when you give glimpses of childhood and I have definite clarity on brass now(not that I would be afraid to drink out of brass, you dont even want to know how much dirt I ate as a child)….beautiful design set, I mean who is creative enough to make their own straws? You go girl!

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