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How to make flavored bitters & printables!


MS4A5356 MS4A5297

photos by Jared Smith

I’m always a sucker for cute jars, and lately I’ve caught myself wanting to buy the insanely expensive bitters jars to add to my bar cart collection almost strictly for the look of them (please tell me I’m not the only one who wants this?!). I’ve resisted my impulse buying urge, and since I loved the fruit patterned wall art that I made for the studio with my Sprout, I decided I wanted to include it at home for cute jar labels.

Obviously you can use labels for anything (and everything if you’re asking me), but I figured I’d try my hand at making my own bitters and use the labels for for those. Alas, it actually turned out to be more expensive than if I’d bought the pre-made versions (of course, isn’t that my luck?), but supposedly they taste much better, plus you can make twenty times the amount and reuse the spices over and over again. So really you can just look at it like a longer term investment (that’s me trying to console myself).

ANYWAYS, to share the love I figured I share what I learned on how to make flavored bitters & printables from my Sprout for you to use either to fill in the blanks on your own, or for your own bitters too!

MS4A5340 MS4A5326

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Homemade Macaron Ice Cream Recipe


homemade macaron ice cream recipe  | sugar & cloth homemade macaron ice cream recipe  | sugar & cloth

photos by Jared Smith

Since this past Friday was national macaron day (and I MISSED IT?!), I figured I should make it up to myself today instead. After all, I don’t want to be the self proclaimed macaron fanatic and then go down in history as the girl who didn’t know when national macaron day was, you know? Anyways, I’m trying to save some face with this homemade macaron ice cream recipe, and it’s either working out reallllly well, or I’m still sugar high from yesterday?

Okay, but in all seriousness, this is one of the most delicious ice cream recipes I’ve ever made, national macaron day or not!… homemade macaron ice cream recipe  | sugar & cloth

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A Poptail Recipe & Studio Launch Recap


stay gold neon light #sugarandclothstudio colorful balloons strawberry lemonade poptails

photos by Aelish Wilmot & Smilebooth images

The studio launch party has officially come and gone, but it was one heck of a good time! We wanted to do something this time around that would let us celebrate with lots of people as opposed to the five hour nap/coma that I took after getting the last studio in gear. We’re not quite ready to share the full reveal with you on the new studio, but we’re almost there!

For now, I will keep you entertained with a poptail recipe, favor bags, photo ops, and macaron ice cram sandwiches… oh, and a giveaway!

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Edible Flower Lemon Jello Shot Recipe


Edible Flower Lemon Jello Recipe edible flower lemon jello recipe

photos by Jared Smith

To be totally honest with you, I’ve never actually had a jello shot in my life. That being said, I do love me some jello for the sake of how simple it is to make and how low-calorie a homemade version can be, plus I’ve been around long enough to know there is a need for a much prettier (or classier) version of said jello shots.

Technically this edible flower lemon jello shot is just served in miniature shot glass portions, but you can make them with or without the booze and they’re just as cute (and tasty!). Plus I think we could all use a mini dose of Spring right about now…

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