Behind The Scenes Lately & Social Media Workshop Recap!


social media workshop recap at the #sugarandclothstudio

I’m officially way over due for a recap of our social media and branding workshop from a few weeks ago. To be totally honest, between four events, traveling, playing catch up, and the worst allergies in history, I’ve had one heck of a time feeling like I’m back on top of my game behind the scenes lately!

Regardless, I’m excited to share a few photos from the class and other peeks of what’s been happening around the studio…

social media workshop recap at the #sugarandclothstudio


social media workshop recap at the #sugarandclothstudio

I had a great time teaching the class with Christian, and as it turns out, we can apparently talk about branding and social media for hours on end. The class was only two hours long but we ended up going a tiny bit over on both the morning and PM sessions. I just really wanted to make sure everyone got their questions answered and left feeling like they got some great new tips for each of their businesses, no matter what field they might be in.

We shared a lot of tips from both of our experiences in growing a brand from the ground up, and we both use social platforms to elevate our businesses and connections. A great example of that was meeting Monica of Paper Flour Ink through Instagram, which in turn left us with all of the yummy sweets for the workshop (those cake ball gems were ridiculously good!).

social media workshop recap at the #sugarandclothstudio

social media workshop recap at the #sugarandclothstudio

In addition to  a ridiculous amount of notes, everyone left with a custom Houston tote bag that Christian designed, and it was filled with engraved wooden artwork from Cardtorial, leather cord tacos from This Is Ground, cookies from Fruute, custom order Chatbooks, and goodies to Artifact Uprising.

As for the day-to-day behind the scenes, we just had a new intern, Kayla, start with us this week which has been awesome! She’s helped up get a lot of things done that I usually tend to have to put last. For instance, putting together the gazillion DIY gold brushstroke mailing boxes I’ve been been to make. I love how they turned out though!

gold brushstroke shipping boxes

variety cupcakes

I also practiced my very serious birthday cupcake skills this week for a friend, and it was just as delicious as always thanks to Tout Suite cupcakes in every flavor. You know, just pre-gaming for my birthday this Wednesday…


And lastly, a sneak peek at tomorrow’s project I’ve been scheming up forever now! I’m super pumped to share how it turned out, so be sure to check it out!

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  1. Brings back good mems! Kayla’s feed is fab–just followed her! So glad y’all have some extra hands around that gorgeous space. Dream internship!

    You share a birthday with my beau. Happy early bday! I’m in Houston for good — let’s meet soon :)

  2. Wow! Everything looks so gorgeous; you are so good in making places look like perfection!



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