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DIY hanging diamond decor from contributor kathleen
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DIY Hanging Diamond Decor Mobile

This DIY Diamond Decor Mobile is a fun metallic accent to any room and event!
Prep Time1 hour
Total Time1 hour
Course: DIY
Cuisine: Home Decor
Keyword: diamond decor for bedroom
Servings: 1
Cost: $40


  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Wooden skewer


  • 12 straws or more depending on your design
  • Silver muffler tape
  • Washi or masking tape
  • Cotton string
  • Additional string/thread Optional for hanging the pendant


  • Cut your straws to the desired lengths: The step-by-step photos for this tutorial show the largest of the three diamonds pictured. The lengths of the straws used are: six — 7 1/2″ straws (long), six — 5 3/4″ straws (medium), twelve — 3 3/4″ straws (short).
  • Cut your muffler tape: Cut pieces of muffler tape in corresponding lengths to the straws. Because the tape is so wide, cut each piece length-wise; therefore one 6″ piece of muffler tape will cover two 6″ straws.
  • Connect your straws: Time to connect the straws! Tape the end of your string close to the pointy end of your wooden skewer – this will be used as a needle to make threading the straws easier. Slide two long and one medium straw onto the string. Pull the string taut so that the straws form a triangle and tie a double knot where the two straws meet. Cut off excess thread.
  • Rethread your straws: Rethread your needle if necessary. To create the next five sides, simply slide the needle through one of the long straws on the existing triangle (leaving a few inches of thread to tie off with) and add another long and medium straw; tie off as before.
  • Construct your upper trapezoidal facets: To add the upper trapezoidal facets, slide the needle through one of the medium straws on the pyramid and add three short straws.

How to hide your knots:

  • To tidy up the diamonds, use the skewer to push any knots visible at the intersections into the length of the straw.


  • If you want to replicate the other diamonds in the photo, the medium five-sided diamond used: five — 6 1/4″ straws, five — 5 1/2″ straws, ten — 3 1/2″ straws.
  • And the smallest five-sided diamond used: five — 4 1/2″ straws, five — 3 1/4″ straws, five — 2 1/2″ straws, five — 1 3/4″ straws. You can always play around with straw lengths and make whatever size best suits your space
  • To cover the straws, the best way to ensure a wrinkle-free covering is to carefully peel off the tape backing, lay the tape flat on your work surface, place the straw along one edge of the tape, and then roll forward smoothing the tape as you go.
  • Repeat, rethreading as needed. Slide the skewer through the two long straws for the sixth side and add the final medium straw; tie off. You should now have a six-sided pyramid.