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DIY Marbled Macarons - Sugar and Cloth
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DIY Marbled Macarons

Beautify your macarons with a simple ingredient!
Cook Time30 mins
Total Time30 mins
Course: Desserts, DIY
Keyword: diy marbled macarons
Cost: $35


  • Toothpicks



  • To start, you can tape down a sheet of wax paper to work on or you can just use paper plates if you’re not making that many. 
    Even better than shaving cream? Whipped cream!
  • Use a spatula to smear a thin layer of whipped cream or cool whip onto your plate or wax paper. This is what you’ll be dipping the macarons in!
  • Using toothpicks, create a design in the whipped cream.
    Below is a photo of what our food color patterns looked like to achieve each marbled effect. The more color, the more covered and “watercolor-ish” the macron will look.
    If you’re scarce with the color, it will yield a more marbled effect.
  • Once you have your color pattern, place the macaron on top of the whipped cream. Make sure the sides get covered by VERY gently rolling it in the cream
  • Lift the macaron back up and wait about 30 second to let the food color sink into the cookie.
  • Now dab the whipped cream excess off on un-patterned paper towels.
    You can gently wipe the cream off if you’d like a more brushstroke effect.