A Surprise Egg Hunt, Adopt a Grandparent + The Weekly Edit

girl with eggs for egg hunt

Isn’t this surprise front door egg hunt the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?! We got a visit from the Easter bunny on our front porch (aka Gwen’s teachers from school) and she was LOVING it. 

I was so excited to share with you all because it would be a great idea to recreate for other littles in your neighborhood. 

It will definitely be a strange Easter this year, but I’m excited to make bunny tail cupcakes with Gwen and have our own little egg hunt.

It’s still debatable on if I plan to dress up or not, I’ve gotten pretty used to my sweat pants and pajamas haha!

Here are few snaps from this past weekend (me painting our thank you sign) and your weekly edit links…

The Weekly Edit


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  1. Love the signed you painted! It’s definitely a strange Easter this year but I love that you had the egg hunt.