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The remedy for when you’re one second away from meltdown? A getaway! We celebrated our second wedding anniversary with a quick two night trip to Vegas this past weekend and it was a much-needed pick-me-up. Ironically, we spent more time watching movies and having no plans than anything else! Basically, we could have done a staycation but we all know that’s never really how it works out if you know your babies are nearby.

I got a few DM’s joking about how staying two nights away without your kids can feel like a week of rest, which is both hilarious and so true haha!

We did get to catch the Michael Jackson ONE Cirque du Soleil show (SO GOOD!!) and stumbled upon the Eataly Market. The pastas! The cheeses! The Aperol Spritz!

Don’t get us wrong. We missed Gwen every second we were away from her, but it was nice to have some QT with just the two of us. Maybe we should make this a thing more often?

Disclaimer: We have to point out that our mini breaks would not be possible without the help of our family nearby! Seriously, I don’t know how single parents or couples with no family around do it! You’re my heroes.

Here’s to hoping you will also get a breather this week or at the least, some downtime to enjoy our weekly links!


  1. If you’re not quite ready to “put a ring on it”, profess your love with an Etsy personalized name ring. You can totally customize it with your nickname, kid’s or pet’s name.
  2. Come on, Ellen! Is there anything you can’t do?! Ellen DeGeneres just launched a new lighting collection inspired by pieces from her home.
  3. This may just be first-time parent anxiety, but we’re constantly worried about Gwen not hitting her milestones so we started to look for apps to help us. (Yes, there is an app for everything!) If you’re pregnant or have kids age 0-5 years old, Kinedu provides you with developmental activities everyday. The demonstration videos are short and easy to follow and focus on your baby’s cognitive, linguistic, physical, social and emotional development. It’s free too!
  4. This is not an Onion headline. Urban Outfitters is selling random assortments of VHS tapes for $40 so if you didn’t Marie Kondo your tapes then, they’re officially worth something! Now who still owns a VHS player?!?
  5. Ever own a pair of those bubblegum smellin’ Melissa Shoes as a kid? The vegan line also makes “grownup” shoes, and all the adult styles (like the Melissa Cosmic Sandals or Melissa Soul Slides) are scented too!
  6. Since we are on the topic of shoes, London Fashion Week just wrapped up, and Victoria Beckham’s Fall 2019 collection featured lots of thigh-high peep toe booties. Thoughts? This could totally work in Houston but we dunno about the east coast winters. We could probably all at least agree that Harper Beckham’s Ann Wintour bob was way too adorable.
  7. A lot of people always ask us about things to do when they’re visiting Houston. The Buffalo Bayou Park Cistern is one of our not-often mentioned hidden gems. If you have time, we highly recommend taking the history tour (this use to be an underground drinking water reservoir!) and checking out the Carlos Cruz-Diez light show.

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