Behind the Scenes Lately 4/14

cotton candy maker! | sugar & cloth

behind the scenes in the sugar & cloth studio

Well, it’s been a very interesting few weeks behinds the scenes lately! The studio has been filled with everything from loads and loads of paper lanterns, inflatable flamingos, flossing sugar crumbles, every accessory under the moon (for a cool upcoming style post!), and just about anything else you can imagine. Basically the studio has split personalities at all times.

The good news is that when things get really weird, I now just make myself cotton candy in my trusty new cotton candy maker (it’s awesome!)! But before we get to the that, here are few other happenings…

olive oil cake with edible flowers

I had my first experience with olive oil cake and I’m officially OBSESSED. I’m thinking we need to do a recipe for this on the blog because I could’ve eaten the whole plate in one go, it’s not nearly as sweet as regular cake! Do you all have any awesome recipes for one? I’m on the hunt!

I got the chance to try it when we attended the Montrose Shop dinner party series last week, and holy smokes do those ladies know how to put on a dinner. I wanted to take pictures of everything, and then immediately shove it all in my face. That’s a good sign, my friends.

retro glassware

My new glasses that you must have! How awesome are these though, for real? They’ll set you back about $40, but it’s worth it to me for all of the styling options!

colorful hands

What your hand looks like after spray painting 50 paper lanterns at 1am. Clearly I need to invest in gloves, but not a lot of respectable nearby options are available that time of night…

cotton candy maker!

And now the good stuff!– I actually bought two cotton candy makers this week (don’t judge me), and we ended up keeping this one. I secretly wish it was cuter, but it was waaaaay better than the kiddy toy version we found first, which was honestly scary at the thought of even turning on for a small child because making cotton candy is no joke of a process! It’s an art really.

We also used it as free tabletop art because it gets FREAKING EVERYWHERE. I’m hoping to upgrade to an awesome cart version some day for events (and meetings?), so who wants to support the habit?!

sugar high

current favorite things

Lastly, here are a few of my recent favorite things. I’m on a mission to peer pressure everyone into buying these $19 oxfords because they’re super cute and super comfy. Plus the cut-outs are awesome for summer because they’re not too hot, either.

I’ve also gotten a few comments lately about what makeup I use, and I’m thinking of doing a simple post of my everyday staples (I am NO makeup guru) and I tend to use the same favorite things everyday, but would you all be interested in that? Let me know!

In the meantime, here are the favorites sources – Nars Audacious Lipstick, Living Proof Instant Texture Mist (WAY better than the Bumble and Bumble sea spray, in my opinion!), Madewell gold geo cuff, Bling Brush, and my hand stitched leather bucket bag from my awesome friend Abbie.


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6 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes Lately 4/14”

  1. I love these posts! I love your inflatable flamingo; and I am so jealous of your cotton candy machine! It looks absolutely awesome!


  2. Love that bucket bag! Natural is so pretty. And the perfect size for all my stuffs.

    Would love an everyday staples post. And that olive oil cake!! Saw it all over instagram from the dinner party and dying to try. I had a cake just yesterday with olive oil, raspberry and pistachios. The olive oil gives it such a perfect density!

  3. Your hand is a piece of art for sure! Love the airy shoes!!! And what $19?!?! They better ship it to London :D x


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