Behind The Scenes Lately 8/21

behind the scenes of Sugar & Clothbehind the scenes of Sugar & Cloth - retro cake stand DIY

Here we are again with another behind the scenes post, and can I just say that sometimes I wonder what people’s impression of Sugar & Cloth would be if the first post they read was a behind the scenes post? With the random crap I write about it could be anything from wearing the same dress 3 times in a week, to shooting on the floor, to Jared and I wanting to kill each other. It doesn’t really make for the greatest picture painted of us, but then again it could make our other posts look like such a great accomplishment achieved by insane people. It’s a toss up really.

In other news, we’ve been busy over here! I’ve also been slightly hopped up on allergy medicine, so that always makes the regular day-to-day a little more interesting, so this should be fun…

behind the scenes of Sugar & Cloth - retro cake stand DIY

To give you a small idea of the chaos that is outside of the frame, this was 1/4 of our prop table selection from yesterday’s cocktail shoot with Robin from Double Trouble!

behind the scenes of Sugar & Cloth

See! We don’t actually shoot everything on the floor, contrary to what it looks like from most of my behind the scenes photos. Also, it really takes a village! We’ve started leaving more and more of the intricate things up to the pros by collaborating in the studio more often.

behind the scenes of Sugar & Cloth - Aces of Taste dinner prep

This is a peek at what Maple & Love is making for her course during our Sweet & Savory dinner with Aces of Taste next Friday! If you haven’t gotten tickets yet, you should! I’m pretty excited about hosting a dinner in the studio, it’s something we haven’t done yet, and also a nice change of pace from teaching DIY’s. Yes it’s true, I get tired of DIY’s too…

behind the scenes of Sugar & Cloth - retro cake stand DIY

Lastly, this is further proof of my Instagram post from yesterday that I have been wearing this dress too much for it to be socially acceptable. Can you really blame me when we shoot photos all day, style cupcakes on the ground, and model cake carriers all in the same 10 hour period? It’s touch to find an outfit that versatile, and when I do finally land one that’s like wearing a giant, soft cotton moo-moo, I wear the crap out of it.

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