Did you buy maternity clothes during your pregnancy? + The Weekly Edit

Happy Friday! We’re headed out for a quick weekend trip to Bermuda, and I’m excited while also simultaneously thinking this is the worst timing ever. Why does that always happen when it comes to the days just before trips?!

Speaking of bikinis, I’m now trying to squeeze myself into pre-19 week pregnant clothes, and it’s not been cute. So that brings me to this week’s question — Did you buy maternity clothes during your pregnancy or no? Maybe it’s just the fact that I’m still swelling up like a can of biscuit over here, but I finally got maternity jeans and all I have to say is they were WORTH IT.

Maybe it’s just the fact that I’m still swelling up like a can of biscuit over here, but I finally got maternity jeans and all I have to say is they were WORTH IT.

I’ve also found that people happily brag about never having to wear maternity clothes are a new pet peeve of mine. I’m okay with the ones that preface it with “most of my clothes were baggy to begin with” or that they “owned a lot of stretchy materials”, but the others, I can’t handle. It feels a lot like walking up to someone who has a terrible metabolism and being like “I can even whatever I want and not gain weight, can you?”.

Maybe I’m just being hormonally extreme with a side dish of insecure, but at least I’m honest about it! What’s your take on that?!Now for this week’s weekly edits link,

Now for this week’s weekly edits link…

I absolutely love this Birthday Letters To My Baby book and am going to gift it at all future baby showers for sure.

For those curious, I got PAIGE denim maternity jeans per Jen’s recommendation and they’re amazingly comfortable!

Visited this art installation yesterday and it’s crazy awesome.

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Thanks for all of the IG stories love for this dress and this cheeky chub product haha.

Thinking I should buy this for my Fall wardrobe, what do you think?!

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9 thoughts on “Did you buy maternity clothes during your pregnancy? + The Weekly Edit”

  1. I bought enough to get me by and then I just bought over-sized items that I couldn’t find in maternity clothing (that I liked). My one HUGE regret is that I didn’t just buy an entire wardrobe. Especially underwear. I knew I wouldn’t be back in my regular clothes IMMEDIATELY, but I didn’t realize it was going to take me 3 years to get back in! So invest now, cuz you will wear those maternity pieces at least 6-12 months postpartum (Depending on your body). And you don’t want to feel like a frump that entire time!

  2. I actually listened to an entire fashion podcast episode about this recently! It was interesting to learn about the intersection of fast fashion, comfort, and the shunning of hand me downs from other moms in general. I’ve of course been buying maternity clothes for my pregnant best friend, though. :)

  3. Um yes, maternity clothes happen. The non-weight gainers are painful to listen to…as are the non-morning sickness people, and like Nicole said above, the my baby sleeps through the night crowd. I’m happy for them — yay for them! But please…keep it down, haha.

  4. Yes, I bought maternity clothes during my pregnancy, and honestly, I regret that I didn’t buy them sooner! I tried to make my normal clothes work for too long. I looked and felt better when I was wearing clothes that actually fit me as my belly grew. Have fun with your maternity wardrobe!


  5. Definitely bought the maternity clothes — and wish I had bought more! So much easier and comfier. But so hard to find good business professional clothes – stretched out a lot of my dresses, unfortunately. Lots of great options out there, loved Loft, ASOS and J. Crew. Target ran way too big. Have fun showing off that bump!

  6. Um yes you buy maternity clothes even if it is a couple of maternity bras and subsequent nursing singlets. They are worth their weight in gold!!
    Plus why fight the fact the comfort is King when pregnant, so buy those maternity pants, undies and whatever you need. H&M is my recommendation as it is affordable and you buy a few basic pieces such as pants, singlets etc and be done with it. The earlier you buy the more wear you get out if them.
    I’m 3 months post partum and still wear my H&M maternity sweaters and nursing singlets and bras as now you don’t want nice clothes when you’re home and covered in baby drool or spit up!!!! Double win!

  7. I bought more maternity clothes with each subsequent pregnancy. I wish I bought them from the beginning. My favorites are Pink Blush Maternity (cute, comfy, and affordable items that work before, during and after pregnancy), H&M (best maternity jeans ever and great shirts), and Kindred Bravely (maternity pj’s and nursing bras and tanks that are SUPER comfy).

  8. My wife bought some jeans, some black pants, and some shirts, but she rents maternity clothes weekly from Le Tote – she’d definitely recommend it. You can say what events you have coming up or if you just need more things for work. Here’s $25 off your first box: letote.com/r/4B5B67/default/referrals_page/MemberReferral/


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