Do You Decorate for Halloween? + The Weekly Edit

We’re finally here with the age-old question of do you decorate for Halloween? I know, I know, you’ve just been dying to tell someone, right?! But seriously, I’d love to know! My family never decorated for it growing up, so I find it super fascinating when people go all out!

Maybe it’s because we never even lived anywhere where we got trick-or-treaters either. Either way, they say that Halloween is one of the number one most searched holidays for decor ideas, so I’m curious if that’s something you’d like to see more of here! Spooky, simple, just stick to pumpkins? Let me hear it!

As for weekend plans, Jared and I will be spending a MIGHTY amount of time trying to tackle the actual clothes mountain that is our master closet. We’re currently getting the carpet ripped up and hardwood floors installed, and I couldn’t be more excited. Like, that’s literally the only thing driving me to clean out the closet after this much renovation business.

In case seeing someone else’s life disaster is something that interests you, feel free to watch along on IG stories haha! For now, here are some weekly links….

— We’re verrrry busy this coming week! Catch us at Kate Spade on Wednesday, BARC on Saturday, and a DIY event at the studio in between!

— Currently trying to convince Jared I need this insanely safe car…for the baby…aka I’ve just never owned a new car and really, really love this one!

— Insanely moved by this Facebook image

— I’m picking back up on the pinning train, so follow along with!

— I basically want to be her best friend

— What do you guys want to see more of, or less of on the blog? This is a running debate at the studio right now, so please message me your thoughts!

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15 thoughts on “Do You Decorate for Halloween? + The Weekly Edit”

  1. I decorate more for Halloween then Christmas… I wonder what that says about my personality. LOL
    I start buying stuff from China in July and August. Decorating starts in September. Takes me a month to get all the lights and Halloween stuff up. I take pictures at the end of everything so that the next year I can remember what I like and what I would like to move the next year.

  2. I love love love decorating for the holidays and next to Christmas, Halloween is my favorite. Checkout my post for some of my pictures.

  3. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I decorate with mostly spooky things and pumpkins. Since moving a few years ago to a remote area, we don’t get trick or treaters anymore … so I decorate more for myself I suppose : ) The biggest conflict is loving the spooky and scary stuff but trying to still have an inviting house to younger children and not totally scare them. …We’ll see how it goes…

    • That’s so fun Ann, love it! Haha and never thought of that being an issue, but that’s a good point. Hope it goes great this year! :) xo

  4. I’d love to decorate for Halloween!! This will be our first year in a house that we could decorate. Decorations are so expensive though!! it may take a few years to collect enough to make an impact. Or if I could find the time to DIY them!!! Also an issue is that both my husband and I both want to take the little kiddos trick or treating so then no one is home for people to come and see our decorations! soo… now I don’t know what to do? I vote yes to decorate! lol

    • My favorite, dirt cheap Halloween decor is cutting bats out of black cardstock, using masking tape to adhere them to the wall. Our walls are white with a vaulted ceiling, and I “swoop” them out of the fireplace – it is so cool. I also make two different sizes, placing the smaller ones at the top (i.e., they’re farther away). Check out pinterest for pics. Serious visual bang for $4 or so!

    • That’s so exciting! And for real, it can get so expensive! For Halloween plans, maybe throw an early Halloween party and show off your decorations and then on Halloween go trick or treating? Best of both worlds that way, haha!

      And Karen – that sounds incredible! Definitely need to go look that up on Pinterst asap!

  5. We never decorated for Halloween growing up and I never really bothered when I had a house. What’s the funniest part is that I always thought to myself “Why are people decorating for just ONE DAY?” when isn’t Christmas THE EXACT SAME THING??? But somehow different, ammirite? Anyway. That’s my 2 cents!

  6. Growing up my family never decorated for Halloween. I recently got married and am lucky enough to now have two of the best stepkids in the universe who are in their early teens. Suddenly I am obsessed with decorating for Halloween. I purchased a bunch of lighting and gravestones after Halloween last year. They are going up this weekend. Can’t wait!

    • Love this, Ashley! Such sweet family memories you’re making and so smart buying this year’s decorations from after Halloween last year! Definitely need to keep that in mind for all holiday occasions, haha. xo


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