DIY Custom Cut Acrylic Serving Board

When it comes to backyard entertaining, I don’t think one can have too many serving trays considering everything from food, to cocktails, to sprinkles need to be transported from the kitchen. Not that I’m complaining though–nothing beats a backyard party with friends on a warm summer day!

In preparation for those al fresco summer festivities, I, Erin, worked up this DIY custom cut acrylic serving board made from a sheet of acrylic that I picked up at the hardware store. The shape is fun, it’s a great pop of color, and the smooth top is food friendly and easy to clean. Wouldn’t a grouping of these in a range of happy colors and shapes make for a gorgeous summer spread?! Bring on the summer nights…ASAP!

acrylic serving board (1 of 1)-11acrylic serving board (1 of 1)-7


Create a template by drawing your desired cutting board shape onto poster board and cut it out.


Trace the template onto the sheet of acrylic. It’s helpful to line the template up with the edges of the acrylic, so you’ll have less cuts to make! The acrylic will have a protective film on both sides. Leave the film on.


Cut out the traced shape using a skill saw. To create super straight edges, use a small board as a straight edge guide for the saw. Clamp the board onto to the acrylic parallel to the edge you’ll be cutting. Use a router to clean up rough edges on the inside corners of the handle.


Sand down the cut edges only with fine grit sand paper.


Peel back one side of the protective film, and spray with 2-3 coats of spray paint. Allow to dry and seal with a clear sealer. Last but not least, peel back the top film and you’re ready to load up with treats!

acrylic serving board (1 of 1)-14acrylic serving board (1 of 1)-15acrylic serving board (1 of 1)-8

With the range of spray paint colors out there, you can easily match your serving board to your backyard or pool scheme. I couldn’t help but choose a summery orange color for mine. Do you have a current color obsession for summer?

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  1. I love this serving board! What a fun colorful DIY for summer. I can already see myself serving mini tacos on one of these ;)

  2. Do you think this could work as a cutting board too? It’s super cute and I’m in need of cutting boards