What’s It Like Working with Your Significant Other?

Anytime people find out Jared and I both work for Sugar & Cloth full time, we always get asked “what’s it like working with your significant other?” as if it’s the most impressive thing we’ve done yet (our number one asked question is still this)!

Sometimes it does feel like the most impressive thing, but then other times it’s actually easier. To put it in a little better perspective, we made a fun video out of it!

Jared and I actually met while working at Smilebooth several years ago, so really we’ve only ever known each other while working crazy hours.

I’m sure it’s much easier when it’s basically all we’ve ever been used to, but we still have our moments. Sometimes he has a “vision” and I have the “real vision” (ha!, kidding..), and they don’t always match up.

For added entertainment, we’ve broken down our favorite and least favorite things about working together for your reading pleasure:

YouTube video

FAQ: What’s It Like Working With Your Significant Other?

Least favorite thing about working together—

Ashley: Jared can be SUPER stubborn, and sometimes it’s about the weirdest stuff.

I mean, some things you’d expect someone to be stubborn about, and then there are things like being in a bad mood and refusing to move over so I can see what I’m styling, hahaha.

Jared: Meeting deadlines, they aren’t any fun. Especially when… cough, cough… the other person in the room is hangry, it does tend to get a bit stressful.

One thing you’re trying to work on—

Ashley: I’m really trying to handle keeping my emotions out of business decisions, stressful deadlines, etc. Sometimes the pressure gets the better of me and I start giving out the stink-eye like free candy!

Jared: Staying focused. Because we are a small team at the moment, we have a lot of different responsibilities to juggle at once. It might be the ADD in me, but it would be nice someday to totally finish one thing first before moving onto the next.

Biggest pet peeve—

Ashley: Loud chewing…. ew. I can cringe just thinking about it.

Jared: being late.. absolutely hate not being on time.

Favorite thing about working together—

Ashley: This crazy world of blogging brings a lot of cool opportunities, travels, and experiences, and I love that I have a good excuse to bring my best friend along with me since we’re in this together!

Jared: Being around Ashley every day, and getting to experience new things together. There aren’t many jobs where you can hang out with your S.O. this much. I am super lucky to have the opportunity to do so.

The Sugar and Cloth color wall in Houston, Texas ! #sugarandclothcolorwall

If you have any other questions you’ve been dying to ask, let us know in the comments or shoot us a message!

We hope you love the little video as much as we do!

video by Kelly Christine 

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  1. It’s a good idea to keep communication open, even if you don’t agree on everything. Find out what they like and don’t like and make sure to work around those things. You might even find that your partner has some ideas that you hadn’t thought of!

  2. I don’t know if I want to marry you both, or have you adopt me!!?? Would both be pushing my luck?!

  3. I have been wanting to ask you this questions! Since my hubby and I work together as well I totally get it! :)

  4. This is such an engaging video! I love the squiggle-eyed looks you’re giving each other. My husband is my business partner so I do understand. It’s wonderful to be able to share everything immediately but sometimes hard to practice the patience you would with a work colleague who isn’t also the person who helps you make your bed in the morning.