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Hello from the front-lines of parenting two kids at home! It’s a real whirlwind, my friends. 

We’ve been social distancing for over a week now and I’m trying my best to not boredom eat for 12 hours out of the day. Not to mention keeping a two-year-old busy while also juggling a three-month-old. 

Despite the sheer chaos that is our house right now, I can’t even begin to imagine what the medical workers are going through. They’re the real MVP’s here!

I hope everyone is staying home and staying safe, here are some weekly links to keep you entertained…

The Weekly Edit

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  1. This really has been a crazy time. I have 3 kids at home. Been trying to keep them away from the news and just make this time at home as fun as possible.

    1. Definitely crazy times. Good luck entertaining 3 kids at home and staying sane!! Hopefully, they can play with each other so you can get a break!

  2. That gap cover though. I have been waiting for this product! I also love all of those screen-free kids ideas! I just made bath paint yesterday and it turned out so good. My girls are loving it!

  3. I think that this post really came in at the right time! I’m really worried about the Coronavirus because I have Crohn’s Disease, and so my immune system is pretty shoddy at best and I’m forced to stay inside every day. The virus has recently made it’s way to my little borough of Ceredigion which is pretty concerning, and my home city is in complete lockdown.

    Your posts are definitely helping me take my mind off of all the craziness going on in the world right now. These all seem like really great things to read, and I’m glad that you’re suppling us with so much good content to take our minds off of things. You can bet that I will be slowly making my way through this list, haha.

    I hope that you’re staying safe during this coronavirus outbreak, and are feeling well. Have a good weekend.

    Amy x Wandering Everywhere

    1. Hi Amy! We hope you’re staying sane this this quarantine. That’s actually great that your city is in lockdown, considering many aren’t and the US now how the highest cases. I can’t imagine what is like for you as someone with Crohn’s right now. But we are so happy that these posts can give everyone some fun reads and finds. That’s why we love doing the weekly edits so much. Hope you’re staying safe too. XOXO