Makeup Mistakes, Things Lately + The Weekly Edit

photo of a gender reveal table

I’m finally reappearing after a few weeks without a weekly edit post!

As it turns out, having a very active crawling baby, a sassy toddler, and trying to work from home while juggling lots of projects make it trickier to check off all of the to-do boxes. 

I also had to unexpectedly say goodbye to my 13 year old fur child, and that hit me even harder than I expected. Having a few days off from extra pressure was a welcome change while going through that. 

We’ve also been prepping for my sister in-law’s small, family-only gender reveal get together. We went with a “what will baby bee?” theme, and it turned out so cute, if I do say so myself!

photo of gwen and ashley

Gwen was allll about team girl! I’ll be sharing the different party ideas and that put together in a full blog post soon, but you can see a sneak peek on Instagram!

photo of honey bear cocktails 

I hope you all are enjoying your Sunday! Here are a few weekly links for your evening reading…

The Weekly Edit

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