My Favorite Baby Products To Register For

There are so many options out there when it comes to baby products, but these were my favorite baby products to register for…

My Favorite Baby Products We Registered For by top Houston lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar and Cloth

If I’ve learned one thing from parenting in general, it’s that what works for one baby, doesn’t work for every baby.

Like life, babies are like little boxes of crying, pooping, and laughing chocolate and that you never know what you’re going to get.

That said, there are few key things that we love and use all the time that you might love too! So I’m sharing my favorite baby products to register for in case you want to add some of them to your arsenal.

My Favorite Baby Products We Registered For by top Houston lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar and Cloth

Using Babylist | An All-In-One Registry

When we registered for our Gwen, I had never heard of Babylist before. (So sad, I know!). 

1 in 5 first time parents uses it to register for baby, which makes me clearly out of the loop! As was my relationship with most things parenting related…

Babylist is a registry site that lets you add any items from any store, from Etsy to Amazon, to create one shoppable list by a simple browser button. (It’s very much like using Pinterest, which I know you know well!)

You can add custom gifts like homecooked meals, a cash fund to create a savings accounts for baby, etc.

Plus, you can qualify to get a pretty cool Hello Baby Box welcome gift when you register. (I included lots more deets on the welcome gift at the end of the post.)

The box I received happened to include one of my FAVORITE things, the Windi! If you’ve ever used the Windi, you know the sweet relief is worth it haha.

Without further ado, here were our registry must-haves…

My Favorite Baby Products To Register For

You can also see my full sample registry on Babylist right here!

1 —  Nursing Pillow

Anything that makes breastfeeding easier is a win in my book! This was one of those items that I really loved that was also versatile for propping baby up to chat and coo with them too.

2 — Fawn Design Multi Wear Diaper Bag

You all helped me pick a purse style diaper bag a few months ago, but if you can only snag one style, this backpack holds so many things.

3 — Fawn Design Diaper Bag Organizing Insert

This is a great insert for the diaper bag to help you stay organized and be able to switch bags quickly and easily if you want to!

4 — Doona Stroller/Car Seat

My friend Carrie introduced me to this piece of infant magic, and I’m telling you, it has SAVED us when traveling with Gwen. It’s a stroller and car seat all built into one! It makes Ubers, airplanes, and shuttles a breeze with baby.

5 — SNOO Modern Smart Sleeper

I’ve had so many friends that have raved about this bassinet for helping baby sleep through the night, so it was at the top of our wishlist.

6 — Babylist Gift Card

You can’t go wrong with gift cards!

7 — Mint Diaper Pail

We use this literally all day, every day!

8 — Confetti Print Onesie

Any of the sleeper/onesies that zip are worth it in my book! You spend so much time being home with baby at the beginning, that anything that zips and unzips quickly for easy diaper changing is a must.

9 — Hatch Night Light/Sound Machine

This is a really cool product that you can use well into toddler ages. It’s a nightlight, sound machine, and alarm clock all in one. You can see the light to change colors to let your toddler know when it’s no longer “sleepy time” and it’s okay to wake up. So cool!

10– Mini Disinfectant Spray

I never leave home without these! They’re non-chemical based cleaners that are great for quickly sanitizing any hard surfaces, pacifiers, bottles, etc.

11 — Baby Shusher

Our magic diaper bag trick! It sets a timer to “shush” baby and it works like a charm, I pinky swear. Great for them fussing in the car, fighting nap times, diaper changes, and more.

12 — Boon Grass Drying Rack

another one of our daily used items for cleaning all things baby.

13 — Dock-A-Tot Deluxe

The Dock-A-Tot is awesome for having a compact travel lounger, an easy place for baby to rest in the living room, or taking to grandma’s while you’re watching.

14 — Confetti Nursing/Carseat Cover

I love things that are multi-purpose, and this nursing cover works for a car seat cover that let’s fresh air in, a nursing cover, and I even use it for keeping out light to rock her to sleep on the go.

15 — Silicone Pacifier

We tried allll of the paci’s and this one worked like a charm.

16 — Organic Swaddle Up

Gwen always had her arms near her face in ultrasounds and after she was born, so we immediately got these swaddle up swaddles.

17 — Owlet Smart Sock Baby Monitor

The Owlet is a TOTAL sanity saver. It brought me so much peace of mind knowing that we would be alerted if her heart rate or oxygen levels dropped!

18 — Rainbow Pacifier Clip

Another favorite that we use every day!

19 — Whale Tub Thermometer

I thought I knew the right temperature just by the touch for bath time, but realized I was making it too warm thanks for a bath thermometer.

20 — Organic Diaper Balm

Gwen has really sensitive skin, so we use this almost every diaper change as a natural preventative barrier against diaper rashes.

21 —  Boon Soak Bathtub

A minimalist baby tub that we love.

22 — 3-in-1 Organic Bouncer

A very chic bouncer design that folds flat for easily storing away and ample portability.

23 — Baby Probiotic Drops

I had never heard of these before having a baby, but so, so many moms and pedis recommend this brand. It’s worked great for Gwen on keeping her diapers more regular!

24 — Portable White Noise Machine

We use this for naps while traveling, at the studio, or in the car almost all the time!

25 — Wipes Case

So much easier for quickly grabbing wipes and making sure they stay airtight on the go.

26 — Grow Scale with App

Gwen is a serious CHUNK. We loved keeping up with how much she weighed while also having an easy to sanitize and wipe down changing station. No need to fool with the fabric covers that you have to constantly wash!

27 — Convertible Complete Stroller

Literally the mercedes of strollers, we LOVE our UPPA for using at home and keeping in the car for quickly making her car seat into a stroller. The storage underneath is awesome.

28 — Striped Wrap Carrier

It took me a little while to get comfortable with these, but now I rely on them all the time for getting things done around the house with Gwen!

29 — Travel Backpack

a must for using the Doona on the go when you need to gate check it.

30 — Pink and White Diaper Dispenser

For easily grabbing wipes during diaper changes.

31 —  Bitty First Aid Kit

A great value for the infant necessities! The Frida brand is our favorite.

My Favorite Baby Products We Registered For by top Houston lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar and Cloth

What were some of your baby must-haves? With every new growth spurt and age we get to, we add new favorite things to our list for surviving that stage. For people so little, they sure come with a TON of things.

If you’re on the parenthood horizon or needing a baby gear refresh with sprinkle shower, you can sign up for Babylist right here!

Thank you to Babylist for partnering with us on this post! Sugar & Cloth has chosen to donate 5% of all sponsored campaigns to charity, which you can read more about right here. As for Hello Baby Box welcome gift, it’s open to US residents only with limited quantities and the contents will vary by box.

Please note that we may earn a commission for some of the above affiliate links. However, products featured are independently selected and personally well-loved by us!

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  1. Great article, recently I went through the Parenthoodbliss website even they have the best baby products to register for.

  2. babies are such a blessing i think. before my little one i hardly visit baby sections on the mall. but now all i spend time in the mall is roaming around in kids sections and buy baby product every time. they are so cute and adorable. i also have baby product list of my own .please visit

  3. I used Mint diaper pail for my first baby as well, they turned out pretty well for us. The baby shusher sound interesting, I’ll look for it. After my second baby’s out, I need to prepare for so many things as well as my soul for her. God bless us!

    1. Good luck, Tina! The baby shusher is sooo worth the money! It’s definitely something you think you don’t need but it’s a lifesaver.

  4. Your favorite baby products are also products that other babies like. Thanks for sharing this article. I appreciate it.

    1. You’re welcome, Catherine! We are posting up a baby travel gear post tomorrow morning so those items would be great to register for! (Plus, they’re more updated products.)

  5. Just a tip that made my life easier….I doubled up on sheets/mattress protectors & layered them. Pad, sheet, pad, sheet. Middle of the night leaks were as easy as peeling off the sheet & pad to reveal a fresh set and I didnt have to completely start over when all I wanted to do was go back to bed.

  6. I came across an online baby registry called Babylist. I decided to sign up because it allowed me to put everything on one registry from major retailers to small Etsy shops. I ended up using it as a wishlist for myself and I actually referred back to it many times. I loved being able to see it all in one place

  7. I used Babylist to register as well. It is super convenient! Quite surprised that you didn’t hear about it. While I was looking for other options for shopping for baby gear I chanced upon this funny article that totally felt like it was written for me. The emotional roller coaster is some serious business. Here’s a link to that article if you’d be interested – xx

    1. You’re so right Sienne! Total emotional roller coaster is an understatement!!! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. :)

  8. Do you use both the Snoo and the owlet together? I thought the movement of the Snoo would make the owlet ineffective. Thanks!

  9. YES! I used Babylist to register and it is the best! Most of these things are already on my list but if they are not, I am adding them now! HAHAH!