My Two Summer Uniforms with Gap!

Gap-260two summer uniform's for almost every occasion | sugar & cloth

photos by Jared Smith

I’m not exactly what you’d call “fancy” when it comes to my closet staples. As it turns out glue guns and paint pallets are my biggest audience on a day-to-day basis, and they aren’t too impressed with designer duds. I’m more of a “How many different tasks is this outfit equipped for?” kind of gal. To give you a better visual, we’ve created a mini photo parade on how to stay versatile while keeping cool and budget friendly in my two summer uniforms with Gap!

I’m actually not joking about the parade part. We’ve got everything here today folks: flamingos, pineapple cups, emails, sequin hearts, cotton candy… the list goes on.

A Typical Day At the Studio with Sugar & ClothA Typical Day At the Studio with Sugar & Cloth


A Typical Day At the Studio with Sugar & Cloth

Since we never know just what we’ll be getting into at the studio each day, I try to mix comfortable staples with interesting accessories, plus it makes things much easier to mix and match when I haven’t done laundry in over a week (don’t judge me, just being honest!).

I’m also really into patterns at the moment, so I mixed a striped lightweight tee, pinstripe shorts, a structured leather bucket bag, and geo cutout oxfords as my go-to summer ensemble for a day at the studio. Oh, and glasses. Turns out seeing helps in my line of work tremendously.

A Typical Day At the Studio with Sugar & ClothA Typical Day At the Studio with Sugar & Cloth

Usually our days start out with lots and lots of (never-ending) lists, then I usually return a few emails (I’m terrible at mornings, and emails make me feel productive while still being half asleep!), followed by prepping for a DIY project or supply shopping.

A Typical Day At the Studio with Sugar & ClothA Typical Day At the Studio with Sugar & ClothA Typical Day At the Studio with Sugar & Cloth

Since we tend to race the clock a lot with deadlines and crazy last minute DIY ideas (insert every macaron project ever, pretty much), we don’t usually make too many evening plans in advance. When we do make it out, I usually just add an extra touch to what I’m already wearing to either a) hide a coffee stain from the morning, or b) make me feel a little more put together/intentional for an evening. That almost always consists of my token orange-red lipstick and something like a hat or layering on a jacket…

A Typical Day At the Studio with Sugar & ClothA Typical Day At the Studio with Sugar & Cloth



On days when life involves more than just glue guns, I opt for something a little more fun! Since this can mean just about anything, I thought I’d take it upon myself to act out several scenes from a little thing I like to call “Summer please don’t ever end, unless our air conditioning goes out in Texas, in which case I’m out”…

Gap-409 Gap-383

So technically I don’t recommend your Gap gear as swimming attire, but if push comes to shove, it does compliment inflatable flamingos like a champion.

Gap-375-2 Gap-335 Gap-255

Depending on what the occasion calls for, a sweat for chilly nights, a touch of glam with a cute pin, a gold dusted bag, or retro sunnies can all make for a totally different look.

Gap-229 two summer uniform's for almost every occasion | sugar & cloth

Do you all have any token Summer uniforms you always look to when things warm up? Also, I have absolutely every intention of living in these strap on sandals by the way!

You can also see our full feature on the Gap site here!

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16 thoughts on “My Two Summer Uniforms with Gap!”

  1. I really love this post! You look gorgeous in the photos and I adore both your cute, pastel looks! Perfect for summer indeed!

  2. What a great collaboration, Gap should be proud. I love how you added the jackets for a completely different look, great job and you look fabulous!

  3. Um you’re adorable! Love this photo shoot! Gotta head out and get those striped shorts asap!
    ♥ Heather and Melissa

  4. We just got home from taking Isla’s first birthday photos, and I wore that blue gap dress. Great minds think alike :) I love it! And the first look too. Gap is my favorite. xo

  5. Ashley! You are a doll and so beautiful. I love all of your work and thank you so much for including the Made In Rye bucket tote!! Hope to grab a coffee when I return back to Houston in July! You’ll have to introduce me to Tout! I’ve never been! Xoxo

  6. This cute little blue dress is amazing! Love the second outfit too, really reminds me of spring! Nice shots!


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