Our Favorites from Luca’s Newborn Photos

family newborn photo on stairs

In classic Ashley fashion, I am way late on sharing Luca’s newborn photos!

She’s a whopping four months old now. How did that simultaneously fly by and feel like forever ago?!

To be honest, I’m proud that I even managed to get newborn photos scheduled and photographed this second time around, especially with an unexpected hospital stay when she was two and a half weeks old. 

Thankfully Rachel Stubbe was insanely patient with me needing to reschedule so many times. And I’m so happy to have these photos to look back on!

Needless to say, Gwen ended up having her own photoshoot half of the time during feeds anyways haha…

mom and toddler playing

dad and daughter playing

newborn baby girl with bow

toddler in a crib

toddler house bed

newborn baby girl

newborn baby girl and mom

newborn baby girl being held by mom

family photo of ashley rose sugar and cloth

family photo with newborn

mom and dad photo with newborn

Not to worry, I’m still fully aware that I owe you all a toddler house bed DIY for Gwen’s colorful slat roof!

Several of you have asked for the how-to and it’s coming soon!

little girl at toddler table

mom and daughter at toddler table

mom and daughter in toddler room

 mom and toddler reading

dad and newborn daughter

newborn family photo in living room

mom and newborn daughter

newborn baby girl luca

toddler and baby sister newborn photo

toddler girl holding new baby sister

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  1. This is absolutely the cutest baby and family photo shoot ever! What a lovely keepsake for your family.