Our Latest Outing + The Weekly Edit

luca in her highchair

It feels like a small miracle that we actually left our house for an activity that didn’t involve 100-degree weather or going to Nana’s house!

We left the girls at home with Pops to sneak out for a private screening movie at Cinemark, and it was a super fun and socially distant way to mix things up. 

It’s kind of crazy how bad my social anxiety has gotten since we rarely leave the house now. It’s really going to take some adjusting for me to get used to the normal swing of socializing again one day. 

Luckily, the private screenings mean you have the whoooole theater to yourselves, so I’ll be saving my awkward social skills stories for another time.

group private showing at cinemark movie theater

It also felt strange to actually get dressed in real clothes to leave the house, too. What a year, am I right?

More importantly, these are my new favorite shorts. SO comfy and they’re only $17

ashley of sugar and cloth in mirror selfie

three girls and a guy in masks at cinemark

The Weekly Edit

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  1. It feels so strange to actually put makeup on before leaving the house. I feel so out of practice! Your new shorts are adorable! I need that pair! lol

  2. That is so cool you can do a private screening at the theater. Me and my husband need to try and do that! Love the shorts you are wearing!