#SMITHSGONEMILD: A Major Plot Twist in Wedding Plans

Sometimes when real life hits you smack dab in the face, you might be left announcing a major plot twist in wedding plans. That’s exactly what happened to us, so grab a cup of coffee and brace yourselves for this one– we’ve decided to cancel the Harbour Island destination wedding plan.

Before I get too chatty, we did a TON of debating back and forth before coming to this decision. At the end of day, we feel a huge sense of peace about it! Amid several family circumstances, all of the planning and trying to coordinate people on a little island etc, it was best to start over and make it simple again.

The whole point of wanting to have a super small destination wedding to begin with was so that it would be intimate, genuine, and simple. I won’t go into detail about family circumstances, but at the end of the day, it wasn’t worth the planning and money if the people we loved most couldn’t be there with us or feel isolated by not being able to manage the trip. We no longer have the energy to start from scratch again, so instead we’ll be eloping with just our parents and siblings by our side, and we couldn’t be happier!

I wanted to wait to tell you until we had a new plan in place (hence my lack of wedding updates recently!), which depended a lot on how much, or how little, of our deposits we would get back from the original plans. We’ve finally decided on exchanging vows in White Sands, NM, and going on an extended honeymoon instead.

While I/we have ideas for White Sands, I still wanted to show you the original mood board with inspiration that the ladies and I at Two Be Wed came up with for Harbour Island, plus show you our original wedding invites! Hopefully it will give some of you ideas for your future destination wedding. Be sure to think of me and what would have been, haha!

#SMITHSGONEMILD: A Major Plot Twist in Wedding Plans by top Houston lifestyle blogger, Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth

Because we already had a lot of things ordered/picked out, we’ll still be using a lot of the same tabletop items (for a small cocktail and bites setup after our vows!), same dress/suit, same color scheme, etc. I don’t want to kill too much of the surprise, but it will definitely still look familiar to the mood board once you see it! It will just be much, much smaller.

#SMITHSGONEMILD: A Major Plot Twist in Wedding Plans by top Houston lifestyle blogger, Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth

These are also the original fabric swatches, gold and marbles tones, BHLDN coupes, and invites (here and here from Minted) that we’re still sticking with. I’m still equally excited to see it all come together, and even though we won’t be vacationing with our families and close friends in Harbour Island for the wedding week, we’re still hoping to get to go back this year to celebrate anyways.

This wasn’t exactly meant to be a mic drop/shocking moment, BUT, it was definitely unforeseen to all of us. We feel really grateful for all of the love and understanding we’ve received though! We’re all about pretty photos and occasions as much as the next blogger couple (ha!), but what’s most important to us is the meaning behind what we’re doing, and why we’re doing it. I’m really glad that Jared and I are connected and centered enough to be willing to stand together in a decision like this based on love and sincerity, even if that means overcoming a few obstacles along the way.

I also hope some of you that are planning your weddings feel a little peace in knowing that we all go through a million different plans and changes before coming to one set course that works for each of us! Stay tuned for more eloping plans/inspo soon!

For those of you wanting more to follow along with, we’re headed for my girls weekend/bachelorette trip this week, so be sure to follow along on Instagram/IG stories!

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  1. You already know how I feel about this! Honestly, such a good decision… you will not regret keeping it simple and saving money! eloping is so special and I think even better than a giant wedding. You’ll enjoy your honeymoon and girls trip! XOXO

  2. I’m just happy to see you guys are still so happy with plan B! It’s tough when things don’t work out the way you originally plan them, but it sounds like your elopement with family is going to be a dream, and you two are just the cutest together regardless of where you get married. Can’t wait to see the photos afterward!

  3. I’m just starting to plan my wedding with my fiance and I totally get this! It’s difficult to account for changing situations, so it’s beautiful to see you two are keeping the most important aspect intact and ensuring your loved ones surround you on your big day. It makes me less stressed to see that plans can be flexible! If you need anything at all in the way of complimentary calligraphy don’t hesitate to let me know. I’m a huge fan and would love to help in any way possible!

  4. I’ve so enjoyed following your wedding journey and I’m sorry that you had to kick into plan b! I DIDN’T get the wedding of my dreams 17 years ago but I did get the man of my dreams (sorry, I had to do that ;) ) and at the end of the day, that is all that matters!

  5. OMG!! Major plot twist for sure but so excited to see your plans for eloping inspo, i am sure its still going to be just as gorgeous as you ever imagined due to the love you & Jared have! You are so right though, the meaning behind this all is what matters. <3

  6. I can only imagine how challenging it was to plan a destination wedding. Im also recently enGageD and considered something similar, but knew it would mean that not everyone would be able to join us. White sands iS such a beautiful lOcation! I live in NM and Can’T think of a more perfect place for a wedding. Congratulations!

    1. I totally hear you, Clarissa! The navigating everything and playing travel planner was tricky, but I think would’ve been totally worth it had other circumstances not come up!

  7. I’m sorry to hear things were getting difficult, but it sounds like you’ve found the perfect solution! We lived in NM for 10 years (and will actually be moving back there this summer) and I love White sands. Such a magical location for a wedding!!!

  8. that’s so exciting and so thoughtful of you. the transferred cost of destination weddings can be challenging {as a former wedding planner} and you’ll never regret an extended honeymoon – it was my favorite part! Enjoy!