#SMITHSGONEMILD Week of Wedding Update: My Dress, Vows, and Other Things

It’s officially the #smithsgonemild week of wedding update! Thank goodness! While this whole planning deal has been entertaining and all, it’s safe to say we’re both ready to just be hitched already.

We head to White Sands on Thursday morning, and for the most part, we’ve gotten almost everything covered. One thing in particular, which was writing our own vows (the stationary we’re reading from is by Moglea above!). We thought this was going to be a pretty easy task on account of how many stories and references we have to tell, but it turns out putting them into an eloquent form is much harder than I thought!

Once we started writing, we figured we might as well decide together what to get rid of for the rest of the ceremony wording. For instance, there won’t be any “we are gathered here today” business happening. We wanted something more us and more modern, especially since Jeff Mehlhoff (Mr. Paper & Stitch) will be our officiant. Did any of you write your own vows? I’m really glad we did it, but it was no small feat for us.

As for the rest, we have most things packed up in boxes and ready to roll… in the giant 15 passenger van we rented to get to White Sands, haha! You know us, nothing is official until it’s a bit of a scene. In our defense, we needed it to get some goodies from Birch & Brass rentals to NM and back safely. We also snagged a cool convertible in Austin that we’ll be driving the rest of the way to use in lieu of standard getting ready shots, which I’m pretty excited about.

a one week out wedding update and writing our own vows! by top Houston lifestyle blogger, Ashley Rose of Sugar and Cloth

Besides the initial destination wedding change and some family scares, we haven’t hit too many hiccups minus my dress. I picked out a skirt from BHLDN that I loved right away but decided to order a custom top from a well established independent designer and it’s been quite the nightmare since.

I haven’t decided just yet on how much detail I plan to go into as far as writing about it all. I don’t want to publicly slam her, but I’d truly hate to see anyone else go through the issues I did if I had known in advance.

It showed up in the mail this past Thursday while we were out of town styling for Amazon after ordering it back in October. I tried it on only to realize it was a completely different style top than what I thought I was buying based on the photo and online listing (v-neck front and back).

Thankfully the tailor I’ve been going to saved the day and is fixing it for me to pick up by tomorrow. Literally, that man is a miracle worker! If you’re in Houston, I highly recommend Chihn Tailor!

a one week out wedding update: my wedding dress and writing our own vows! by top Houston lifestyle blogger, Ashley Rose of Sugar and Cloth a one week out wedding update and writing our own vows! by top Houston lifestyle blogger, Ashley Rose of Sugar and Cloth

On a more relaxing note, I did go get lash extensions today from my Chic Lash Boutique friends (see my microblading post here), and I love them. I can’t say that I would fork over the money to have them put on regularly, but a wedding splurge is definitely do-able.

As for the rest of the week, we just have a few shoots left to wrap up today and tomorrow and then we’re off! Be sure to follow along on our social channels to see it in action! @sugarandcloth and @jaredjsmith #smithsgonemild

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  1. The time has come, woot woot!! White Sands will be such an amazing location. (We went there for my 29th birthday) It’s so picturesque! CONGRATS!!!

  2. So exciting, you’re just days away! As a former wedding planner, there’s always one thing that just doesn’t work out the way you’d hope – maybe you’re just getting your one thing out of the way before you jet off! Best wishes to a beautiful couple!