Some Healthy Accountability

ashley jumping on beach

Do you ever see a photo of yourself and think “that was a gut-wrenching moment in time?”

I’m not talking about a lame party or plans falling through. I’m talking full-on “who even is the person in that picture?”.

That’s how I feel about the below photos. 

I recently posted about trying the FASTer Way To Fat Loss round for busy women and was super surprised at some of the backlash from it.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all about body positivity, but that’s assuming that you feel positive within yourself, correct? 

It’s all relative to one’s overall emotional, mental, and physical well-being. It’s not just a token statement that you can buy a bumper sticker for.

However, I did make the mistake of associating my doing the program with a bathing suit photo. So it does in fact make it feel like it has to be weight loss or bust.

For that, I apologize!

SO, all of that to say I wanted to take a moment to clarify where I was coming from, share a peek behind the scenes lately, and explain what I’m aiming for…

When we found out my Mom was terminally ill this past fall, we were just coming up for air from listing our old house, rushing to find a new one, packing/moving… you name it.

It was a whirlwind, to say the least. 

Then, we were staying at Jared’s aunt and uncle’s house while it was unsafe for us to be home during some renovations.

From there, we made the mad rush home to West Virginia to bring my Mom back to Texas for in-home hospice with us. 

I was BARELY skating by, let alone caring for myself like I should have been.

Add to it that Mom passed so quickly and suddenly. I just felt like I was questioning life as I knew it. 

All in all, I need to get back on the right track in pretty much every way.

I’ve started seeing a therapist once a week. We’ve majorly cut out drinking. I’ve gotten allllll of the check-ups, and now I’m focusing on getting active/eating well again. 

I’m not going to go into specifics on weight because A) FASTer Way discourages the use of a scale (even though the name is super misleading IMO!), and B) because it’s all relative, right?

You can be curvy, thin, tall, short, muscular or not and still be “unhealthy”.

That’s essentially the case I’m making on using the phrase “body-positive” for covering up poor mental or physical health.

I look at these photos and see someone I love dearly (that being myself) but that’s hurting/confused/lost. 

Despite what someone may think of my weight, I personally know that I need to make some changes to balance out anxiety and start feeling like someone I recognize in everyday snapshots.

Because let’s be honest, when looking back, you’ll always know inside when you were faking a smile…

Without dragging you through any more of my emotional roller coaster saga from the last few months, feel free to join me and be my healthier lifestyle group buddy via FASTer Way here!

I’ll check back in a few weeks to update you on my mission-get-healthy progress!

xx Ash


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  1. I went through such a similar period in my life. It’s an all-consuming, emotionally draining whirlwind. Focus on you and what matters to you.

    You owe no one an explanation. The opinions of others will lead you back down the drainpipe!