The Best Gifts For A Mommy-To-Be

While I’m welllll past my prime on the newly pregnant front, I thought it would be fun to put together a gift guide for the best gifts for a mommy-to-be! Oh the irony of sitting here writing this while full term and 2cm dilated, haha!

I’ve actually bought all of these for myself, so I’m happy to say they have my stamp of approval so far. Then again, I haven’t put an actual diaper bag into action yet, so take my suggestions with a grain of salt.

One thing is for sure, you can never have too many ginger chews…

The Best Gifts for A Mommy-To-Be by Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth, a top Houston Lifestyle Blog

1. honest company city backpack

2. cute cozy slippers 

3. pregnancy tracker chalkboard

4. burt’s bees nourishing body oil

5. prenantal massage package

6. baby arrival gift set

7. aroma essential oil diffuser

8. maternity low-rise leggings

9. snoogle body pillow

10. keepsake pregnancy journal

11. maternity polka dot pj set

12. ginger chews 

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4 thoughts on “The Best Gifts For A Mommy-To-Be”

  1. Good list!
    When I was pregnant, this special pillow helped me a lot. Well, a bag, personal care products, slippers are also always appropriate.
    I will share an unusual gift. My best friend gave me a certificate for a 3D figure at
    So I was able to capture the moment of pregnancy. I got a very beautiful 3D statue that will always remind me of that period.


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