The Sugar & Cloth Color Wall in Houston

I’m so excited to finally get to share all of the details about the Sugar & Cloth color wall in Houston! I’ve been dreaming up this project for a looooong time, and it’s so surreal to get to finally see it life-size!

I originally came up with the idea last Summer to play off of our #glossaryofcolor photo series on Instagram, but it was just a matter of finding the right size wall with a big enough side walk in front of it that could play as an additional backdrop (the paint comes down six feet in front of each color onto the ground!). I was dead set on it being setup this way so that it acted as a full color backdrop for photos, and you know how serious we are about our colorful photo-ops, ha!

We finally found the perfect place for it on the future home of Headquarters, 3302 Canal Street, which is a really cool new creative workplace that will be open this Summer.

And of course we needed the perfect colors and paint! Luckily our friends at Lowe’s were kind enough to provide all of the paint and supplies we needed to get the job done!…

YouTube video
The Sugar and Cloth color wall in Houston, Texas ! #sugarandclothcolorwallThe Sugar and Cloth color wall in Houston, Texas ! #sugarandclothcolorwall The Sugar and Cloth color wall in Houston, Texas ! #sugarandclothcolorwallThe Sugar and Cloth color wall in Houston, Texas ! #sugarandclothcolorwall The Sugar and Cloth color wall in Houston, Texas ! #sugarandclothcolorwallThe Sugar and Cloth color wall in Houston, Texas ! #sugarandclothcolorwallThe Sugar and Cloth color wall in Houston, Texas ! #sugarandclothcolorwall

This is what the wall originally looked like before we started on the project. Definitely a CRAZY huge difference than what it looks like now! I spent quite a long time debating the perfect color palette for the wall while sifting through Lowe’s paint swatch samples, and finally went with these:

The Sugar and Cloth color wall in Houston, Texas ! #sugarandclothcolorwall Though we’re all about some serious DIY’ing, the wall was way too huge for us to paint ourselves, so we used One By One painters, who were super kind and awesome to work with.

First we used Kilz primer to prep the entire surface before painting each color, measured and taped each color off, then did two coats of each color using Valspar Reserve exterior paint.

For the paint colors coming down onto the ground, they etched the surface first, then used Valspar oil based porch and floor paint in matching colors to correspond with each stripe.

The Sugar and Cloth color wall in Houston, Texas ! #sugarandclothcolorwall The Sugar and Cloth color wall in Houston, Texas ! #sugarandclothcolorwall The Sugar and Cloth color wall in Houston, Texas ! #sugarandclothcolorwallThe Sugar and Cloth color wall in Houston, Texas ! #sugarandclothcolorwall

Of course I had to had a little signage to the wall, and originally we were just going to paint it on each corner, but I ended up designing this retro sign and had it laser cut locally. My Dad came to the rescue to help install it a rainy day, too!

The Sugar and Cloth color wall in Houston, Texas ! #sugarandclothcolorwallThe Sugar and Cloth color wall in Houston, Texas ! #sugarandclothcolorwall The Sugar and Cloth color wall in Houston, Texas ! #sugarandclothcolorwall The Sugar and Cloth color wall in Houston, Texas ! #sugarandclothcolorwallThe Sugar and Cloth color wall in Houston, Texas ! #sugarandclothcolorwallblog iamge color wall launch party

If you’re in Houston, we’d love to have you at our color wall launch party tomorrow, April 5th, from 5-7pm! We’ll be taking plenty of photos, lots of props, food trucks, and Deep Eddy cocktails!

When do venture over to the wall, be sure to tag us along with #sugarandclothcolorwall on your photos so we can follow along too!

Sources and major thanks to: Headquarters for the awesome wall location, Lowe’s for providing the paint and materials, Kelly Christine for the fun video, and to Houston for supporting us local color lovers!

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  1. You light up my day with this wall! This color palette is so beautiful and well thought out. Thank you for doing this and sharing beauty with the world! Regards from Mexico :)

  2. I heard that the sugar and cloth wall was painted over, is that true? I plan on taking some senior pics here in the near future.

    1. Hi Amber! The Color Wall has a new location at Green Street in downtown Houston at 1201 Main Street!

    1. Hi Annie! We have something in the works – sign up for our newsletter & we will update it there first!

    1. Still working on this, Elizabeth! Sign up for our newsletter & you’ll be the first to know should we have any updates!

  3. So sad To say thAt when we went to take picTures The color wall is Officially painted over and is no longer there.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that you weren’t able to take your photos, Kaytlyn! We were sad to announce a couple of months ago that the color wall is indefinitely gone.. Keep your eyes open for another in the future!

  4. was there 9/30 to take pics (all came out great) and a few weeks later a friend went and its fenced in. is the wall going away?

    1. Hi Lisa! We’re sorry to say that the Sugar & Cloth wall will be unavailable for a TBD length of time. We had really hoped to keep construction from affecting the wall, alas, there are circumstances out of our control that took precedence. We’ll be keeping everyone updated with future #sugarandclothcolorwall plans!

  5. Where did yo find the heart balloon? not sure if it is a balloon i plan on going this weekend to do a minnie birthday PHOTO SHOOT for ny DAUGHTER

    1. Hi:) i usually pick the hour before the sun sets for my portraIt sessions… This tIme of Year, i start at 5:30.
      What Time is best this Time of year?

      1. Hi Dixie! The best time to shoot is around 4:30pm, but I have to warn you that the wall may be under construction at the moment.. Hopefully you can still sneak in there to get a few shots!

  6. This is so cute! I live in katy and Had no idea about your wall until today! CanT wait to go take the kids pictures in front of it! So so so cute!!!

  7. Wow! I had no idea this was going on right here in Houston. What a brilliant idea and so lovely! Do you get to keep it that way for good?

  8. This is absolutely stunning! I love your creativity and amazing imagination! If you don’t mind me asking, where did you find your heart balLoon? I have been looking for a hollow heart balloon And can’t seem to find one. I am hOping to take pictures with my boyfriend for our anniversary at your wall. Its so beautiFul!

  9. Here y’all come Into our neighborhood Talking about a wall you oainted with colors from some
    Big box store without even taking the time out to give more information about the neighborhood, the culture, or any hiStory of the place. You belong inthe Heights….go hOme

    1. There always has to be a negative nancy in the bunch. Enjoy it for what it is. beautifying the neighborhood.

  10. I love this! Just heard about your wall and cant wait to check it out this weekend! Quick question- do you guys charge to have photo shoots there (small singlE/family portraits?) or is it free to use? Thanks for making houston a prettier place to live! Xoxo

  11. this is amazing!! how does one go about getting permission to paint on a wall of a busIness? do you simply ask? my hometown could use a little sprucing up, i’d Say!

  12. Would you mind sharing the Minty color name? This is spectacular!!! Don’t be suprised if you see a sugar+clOth color wall 2 in the near future near kalamazoo, Mi!!!!!!

  13. WOo hoo! This made my day. I live in Katy and i am opening an online party Supply boutique. This will make the greatest backdrop for my products!

  14. I’m from houston and i love that you were able to make the concrete a little more attractive ;) eat lots of amy’s ice cream in front of it for me!

  15. This is AMAZING!!! What a genuis way to use a boring wall – and turn it into a brilliant art project!

  16. This is SUCH a great idea – I love it! can’t wait to see what all goes down in front of that wall – congrats!

  17. This is so amazing! It turned out great; I can’t wait to see photos from the launch party!

  18. This is fabulous! Congrats!! Love seeing so many great walls going up in our great city!! Hugs from Conroe, TX

  19. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!! Now we know what those color swatches were for! It looks sooooo good. Congrats Ash!

  20. I am so excited For this!! What a great project, thank you so much for taking the time to make such a fun statement wall for houston. I am going to try to make it out tomorrow after work!

  21. So amazing Ashley! I cannot wait to come out to Houston to see the wall in person!!! You guys did an incredible job and the colors are perfect!!!

  22. Well, this is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen; I LOVE IT! Congrats team! (photo on the pink wall is now a dream I never knew I had….one day, Houston)

  23. Whoa! this is so freaking cool! The project is awesome and looks like so much fun. Oh, how I’d LOVE to pass by such a wall. Would brighten up anyone’s day. :)
    PS: The wall looks 3x longer with the new colors!

  24. I love this so much! wish i was in houston so I could see the wall in real life! also, I love your skirt! May i ask where it’s from? Anthro?