Jared’s Birthday + The Weekly Edit

photo of my home studio

Happy Monday, friends! We spent the weekend celebrating Jared’s 34th birthday and eating waaaay too many tacos. 

Since our days can get pretty monotonous lately, it was nice having balloons around and something to celebrate. Gwen is still actually wishing BOTH of us a happy birthday, haha!

I mean, I’m not complaining that she’s celebrating me even though I have an entire 10 months to go before it’s legit for me. 

We also spend a good portion of the weekend getting my at-home studio organized. It’s been a wreck ever since we moved. 

It was essentially the room where everything got dumped after other household projects, but it’s officially organized top to bottom now!

I got a lot of questions from you all about the details from the IG stories tour, so I made a story highlight for you to refer back to to 

photo of a happy birthday daddy sign

Gwen helping me place Dada’s balloons on his birthday! Naturally, she was most excited about dessert…

 photo gwen and jared on his 34th birthday

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The Weekly Edit

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