Being Home + The Weekly Edit

luca taking a bath on the deck

Does anyone else go through phases of “this isn’t so bad” one day and then “can life be normal again?” the next? 

I’m definitely in a wishing-things-were normal phase right now, but we’re making the most of the funk with bath time on the balcony and perpetually rearranging our furniture.

Honestly though, how are you all holding up? 

I’m super thankful for being able to spend this much time with our girls and not miss any of Luca’s firsts. The days can feel realllllly long, but we’re blessed to be with them!

luca and gwen taking a bath on the deck

I’m also considering putting turf on our upstairs deck, would that be strange? Clearly being home this much has given me way too much time to critique our house!

photo of our new dining room setup

The Weekly Edit

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6 thoughts on “Being Home + The Weekly Edit”

  1. I’m definitely feeling the same about the back and forth of normalcy! I bought those dryer balls a few years ago and have never looked back. Glad you love them too!

    • We love them! I think it’s time to refresh ours and this is the first one where we’ve seen actual sheep on them. XOXO


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