The Weekly Edit

Hello from Harbour Island, Bahamas! We’re still here literally floating around, especially me since this bump is really coming in these days!

We fly home tomorrow and I’m seriously sad to be saying goodbye. Don’t you love having a vacation/trip planned to look forward to during long work weeks? It’s basically my saving grace. We have a few more things planned during my second trimester while I can still trek around easily, but it’s due time for us to hunker down on home renovation plans before 9 months comes and goes!

Meanwhile back at the studio, things are finally happening with the studio expansion! It’s exciting to see it coming together and the idea that we’ll actually have our own desks to work from here shortly.

Did you all see our Nordstrom Anniversary sale picks from early today?! It’s basically plastered everywhere on the internet, so I thought we might as well pick out some of our favorites too. You can see them all here, or you can to clicking with the weekly edit links of my favorite things from the web below —

I’m always a sucker for these articles, but I have to say it’s refreshing!

Are you sharing the mental workload with your husband?

Just bought these Dr. Scholl’s mules for a cute and comfy look since I’ve been dressing verrrrry lazy lately.

Thought this was so crazy and heartbreaking! Have any of you had weird experiences like this?! What the Dad did afterward was even more mindblowing. Go Dad!

Jared sent me this last week, pretty true, haha!

Thinking of getting this rug for the studio.

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