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I’ve been hopped up on Tylenol cold medicine for most of this week, so if you’ve noticed a few typos…or 9149823953… more than usual, you know why! I’m telling myself that I’m prepping for the sleeplessness that comes with the baby pretty darn well between endless deadlines and a cold going into my third trimester.

In much more colorful news, we finally have a new #sugarandclothcolorwall! You have no idea how excited I am to say that!!! It’s been forever in the making as we were looking for the perfect new wall location, and we’re finally getting to have our launch party this coming Tuesday! Be sure to RSVP for the event downtown, and we’ll be announcing the exact location in just a few days.

As for our weekend plans, I’ll be speaking at the Houston Create & Cultivate Style Summit tomorrow, and spending Sunday shooting for a few upcoming projects like our living room and laundry room reveal! Stay tuned for those, and in the meantime, here are some weekly edit links…

— So many of you have asked about this dress since I posted it on stories last week!

— My very talented friend Laken is trying to raise money for IVF after trying to have a baby for SEVEN YEARS! It would mean so much to her (and I!) if you feel led to support them!

— A visual representation of how happy food makes me

— This broke my heart

— Totally making this ice cream recipe.

— A huge thank you to Sherwin Williams for sponsoring our new color wall colors in all of their glory!

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