DIY // Speckled Sprinkle Eggs & Glasses?


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Please note that the question mark in the title for this project is supposed to be there. I had a bit of an identity crisis with my original DIY and it morphed into something a little different halfway through. These things happen to me quite a bit. Instead of just editing out the funky stuff and leaving you with a cut and dry finished product, I thought I’d just go ahead and share the messy details and let you decide which project you liked best!

Alas, here we have DIY speckled sprinkles. Originally I wanted to tint white sprinkles and cover white chocolate Reese’s cup eggs with them to look like edible speckled eggs for Easter. I did that first, but then somewhere along the line I ended up rimming glasses of milk with the sprinkles to style the egg photos with and then somehow ended up with more picture of rimmed milk glasses than I did of eggs. I guess this means I liked that idea a bit better, but no one says you can’t have both…


DIY speckled sprinkles |

To tint the sprinkles, dab a toothpick into gel food coloring and smear it onto the lid of your plastic container, the more gel you use, the more vibrant your sprinkle colors will be. Fill the container with plain white sprinkles, put the gel covered lid on it, and start shaking. The less you shake the sprinkles the more the color will be “speckled” and the more you shake the sprinkles, the more event the color will be.

To give them an even more ombre look, stir in a dash of plain white sprinkles to the tinted ones once you’re finished.

DIY speckled sprinkles |

Now you can add them to your party essentials, if you will. To cover the white chocolate eggs, I brushed on royal icing and then used a lollipop stick to dip them into the sprinkles.

DIY speckled sprinkles |

DIY speckled sprinkles |

With the rimmed glasses, I just twisted the edge of the glass into a shallow dish of royal icing and then dipped the glass again into the sprinkles.

DIY speckled sprinkles |

As cute at these little eggs turned out to be, I also think the glasses by themselves are equally great. They’d even make for cute baby shower decor! And out of curiosity, I’d love to hear which way you liked the sprinkles used best..

DIY speckled sprinkles | speckled easter eggs-100

Don’t forget, I want to see how you’d use a Sugar & Cloth tutorial! Hashtag your project with #sugarandcloth and tag @sugarandcloth to share, you may even be featured on the blog!

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14 thoughts on “DIY // Speckled Sprinkle Eggs & Glasses?

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  2. Alyson

    It’s all so cute, love the color palette! But it made me dig into my bag of Easter candy, and eat my kids Reese’s eggs :( bad mommy!
    My kids would love anything with sprinkles….maybe we could dip there actual dinner in sprinkles, then they’d eat it!!

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