19 Edible Flower Recipes

Sharing a collection of edible flowers recipes for you to try at home that will add color and flavor to your dishes with these flowery treats.

Edible Flowers Recipes

Having a garden is a great way to have some beautiful greenery in your life while also getting some delicious homegrown food too. However, vegetables and fruits aren’t the only plants you can eat from your garden.

There are a variety of edible flowers (like lavender, rose, and chamomile) that can spice up your dish, cure what ails you, and make great edible decorations!

These edible flower recipes are a sure-fire way to take your kitchen to the next level. If you don’t have ready access to edible flowers, they’re easy to buy online and are often sold as an assortment.

Try tasting one of each flower when they arrive to familiarize yourself with which ones are peppery, sweet, or too strong for your liking before throwing them in your dishes. 

Of course, not all plants are edible. So be sure that you have the correct plant and are eating the edible parts of it. For example, the red stem on rhubarb is edible. But the leaves are toxic and inedible.

Another important aspect to keep in mind is ensuring the flowers you eat are pesticide-free. If you have lots of food allergies or are prone to a rough allergy season, try removing the stamens and using only the petals in these recipes. 

Salads with Edible Flowers

1 — Rainbow Radish and Edible Flower Salad with Blood Orange Vinaigrette

Rainbow Radish And Edible Flower Salad With Blood Orange Vinaigrette
Photo by The Feed Feed

While this Rainbow Radish Salad isn’t an easy toss-everything-together salad, it is definitely worth it in looks and taste. The different types of radishes add a beautiful tie-dye effect and the garnish with microgreens and edible flowers is incredibly healthy. What’s not to love? 

2 — Strawberry Endive Salad with Edible Flowers

Strawberry-Endive Salad with Edible Flowers
Photo by Food Network

This Strawberry Endive Salad is even easier than 1, 2, 3. It only has two steps! Make the dressing. Then, toss the salad ingredients together, and voila! 

3 — Kale Salad with Raspberries and Edible Flowers

Kale Salad With Raspberries and Edible Flowers
Photo by Fresh Flavorful

It’s finally warm this year, and this Kale Salad with Raspberries is the perfect way to celebrate. Packed with powerful flavors from the shrub vinaigrette, the grilled chicken, raspberries, pistachios, and (of course) the edible flowers, this recipe is a surefire way to have a very tasty meal while also eating healthy.

Entrees with Edible Flowers

4 — Hibiscus Lemon Bars with Macadamia Nut Crust

Hibiscus Lemon Bars With Macadamia Nut Crust
Photo by The Feed Feed

Hibiscus lemon bars are a great way to have a brightly colored bar with a tart yet sweet flavor profile. The white chocolate adds sweetness, while the lemons add that zesty taste.

The macadamia nuts also give the bars some great protein making them perfect for an after-school snack or a snack break between meetings. 

Hibiscus is a wonderful flower to use in cooking because its natural color is so powerful that it turns other ingredients into a magenta pink color. So you don’t need to use fake food dyes/colors.

What’s more, strained hibiscus leaves can be reused in another recipe after like our Sparkling Strawberry Hibiscus Cooler cocktail recipe

Have a lot of lemons at home? Try these Lemon Cupcakes with Lemon Frosting, which can easily be topped with the leftover hibiscus for dessert! 

5 — Nasturtium Pesto

Nasturtium Pesto
Photo by Sunset

Pesto is delicious and incredibly easy to make. Toss all of the ingredients into a food processor, and voila! 

Nasturtiums are known to give off a bit of a spicy taste, but that mellows out once they are heated up. To give the pesto a bit more flavor, leave a few uncooked leaves in the sauce.

If you like making your own pasta and have leftover nasturtium, put the flowers between sheets of pasta and stick them through the pasta machine.

It gives a nice peppery taste to the pasta while also giving a beautiful floral vibe as well. 

6 — Borage Leaf, Pea, and Garden Mint Soup

Although uncommon, borage should be a staple in every kitchen during the winter. It’s bright blue and gives off a wonderful wintery feeling. It’s also great and cool during the summer too when picked fresh. 

This Borage Leaf, Pea, and Garden Mint Soup offers a fresh feeling due to the mint leaves and spring onions, provides sweetness from the peas, and brings an energizing cucumber complement from the borage leaves.

Serve it hot in the winter and cool in the summer. 

If you want to cool your soup down quickly without losing flavor, freeze some borage in ice cubes beforehand and drop them in when you’re ready to serve.

Desserts with Edible Flowers

Even if you don’t want to cook with edible flowers, try painting them on or topping off a cake with fresh flowers to add extra pizazz to any dessert dish. 

7 — Rose Infused Homemade Caramels

rose infused caramels recipe - sugar and cloth
Photo by Sugar and Cloth

Caramels are one of the easiest desserts to make, and infusing these homemade caramels with rose is just as simple. These cute Rose Infused Homemade Caramels recipes make the perfect gift too. 

Although rose is the more popular edible flower to pair with caramel and salted caramel, you can also try the regular assortment of edible flowers if you prefer a different flavor profile to rose. 

8 — Vanilla Bean Chamomile Cake with Honey Mousseline Buttercream

Vanilla Bean Chamomile Cake with Honey Mousseline Buttercream
Photo by Butter & Brioche

This is the ultimate white cake recipe.

It stays moist for days due to its reverse creaming method (combining the butter with the dry ingredients instead of creaming the butter and sugar together).

This cake’s flavor profile is calming due to the chamomile infusion in the batter and has a hint of orange to brighten up the zest of the cake.

Although the recipe calls for a lightly salted mousseline buttercream frosting, this cake would also pair wonderfully with an Italian meringue buttercream or replace the orange zest with lemon and top the cake off with a spread of lemon frosting. 

If chamomile isn’t your favorite, this cake can easily pair with other teas such as earl grey or a smoky black tea. If you want to use your garden instead, try pairing this cake with jasmine, lily of the valley, or lavender which all complement the vanilla bean flavor well. 

Love everything with vanilla beans? Try pairing the cake with this vanilla bean sparkling iced coffee recipe to keep you awake from the sugar crash from the cake.

9 — Grapefruit Blossom Pot De Creme

Within the first bite, you’ll taste a delicate combination of spring and happiness. This Grapefruit Blossom Pot De Creme is a great dish to make ahead, serve in pretty glasses, and decorate for any occasion — fresh petals, grapefruit twists, or whatever your heart desires. 

If grapefruit blossoms or other citrusy blossoms (like orange blossoms) aren’t easy to get ahold of , then you can easily swap out the blossoms for jasmine, honeysuckle, elderberry, lavender, crab apple, or lilac. The goal is to find very aromatic blossoms to infuse into this creamy dish.

Drinks with Edible Flowers

10 — Rose Martini Cocktail

rose water cocktail - clear shot of the cocktail
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

A Rose Martini Cocktail by any other name would smell as sweet. This cocktail plays on a perfect balance between sweet and fruity. It’s easy to make and is a great pink drink for any occasion!

11 — Elderflower Aperol Spritz

photo of the Elderflower Aperol Spritz cocktail recipe garnished with baby breath by top Houston lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

An Elderflower Aperol Spritz is the perfect bubbly pick-me-up after a long day under the sun. The elderberry provides a perfect floral balance with the bitter bubbles in the drink, making it beautiful and delicious. 

12 — Sparkling Strawberry Hibiscus Cooler Cocktail

Sparkling Strawberry Hibiscus Cooler Cocktail
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

This Sparkling Strawberry Hibiscus Cooler Cocktail is perfect for summertime when strawberries are abundant, and the smell of hibiscus fills the air. It’s bright, citrusy, and provides a beautiful red color that will go well with any fruity dessert. 

Got too many strawberries? Try this cocktail out with a strawberry basil galette or a (Keto) strawberry cheesecake.

13 — Butterfly Pea Flower Tea Cocktail

Magic Color Changing Mint Julep Recipe by top Houston lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Blue-colored drinks are always fun to have at any gathering, and this color-changing cocktail is no different. The Butterfly Pea Flower Tea Cocktail changes color when it comes into contact with acidic ingredients. It’s perfect for your next (very easy) magic trick! 

14 — Edible Flower Lemon Jello Shots

Edible Flower Lemon Jello Recipe
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

This Edible Flower Lemon Jello Shots recipe is great because while lemon is the base flavor, it’s easy to play around with different edible flowers to see which taste combination is your new favorite.

For example, lemon and lavender or lemon and elderflower are popular mixes. It’s easy to take these shots to a bigger scale by making them cocktails or even mocktails for those who prefer not to drink alcohol.

15 — Honeysuckle Vodka Lemonade

Lemonade is the ultimate summer drink, and spiked lemonade is the perfect drink for a pool party or to sip on during a hot day. The honeysuckle acts as a natural sweetener and gives this drink the perfect flavor profile to set it apart from everyone else’s homemade lemonade this summer. 

16 — Edible Flower Rainbow Sour Cocktail

A perfectly Spring edible flower Rainbow Sour cocktail recipe that's almost too pretty to drink! - sugar and cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Like the lemon jello shots recipe, this Rainbow Sour Cocktail recipe gives you the freedom to choose between the edible flower of your choice while keeping you cool in hot weather. 

17 — Blood Orange & Rose Creamsicle Cocktail 

Blood Orange & Rose Creamsicle Cocktail - Sugar & Cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

As delicious as it is beautiful, this Blood Orange and Rose Creamsicle Cocktail recipe is a great pick for a romantic date with its pink color or a summer party hit with its cool and refreshing cream base. 

18 — Vodka Pear Lavender Lemonade

vodka pear lavender lemonade recipe - sugar & cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Four phenomenal things come together to make one delectable Vodka Pear Lavender Lemonade recipe. It’s the perfect drink to have if you don’t like super sweet cocktails/mixers but also don’t want plainly-flavored lemonade. The subtle flavors make this boozy lemonade the next best thing at any summer gathering. 

19 — DIY Tea

Last but absolutely not least is tea. Cultures from around the world have used different flowers and herbal combinations to cure ailments and moods for centuries.

There are a variety of ways you can make your own DIY tea from edible flowers and what’s in your garden. Mint and chamomile are two very popular and very easy teas that are great to make from home instead of buying packets at the store.

All Things Flowers

Adding these edible flower recipes to your kitchen cookbook will take your spring and summer cooking to a new level with fresh flavor profiles and creative decorations.

So happy cooking! 

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