44 Whole 30 Approved Recipes for the Whole Family

Say goodbye to bland and boring meals and hello to deliciousness with these Whole 30 approved recipes for the whole family.

Whole 30 Recipes

This ain’t your average diet plan, folks. We are all about the new year, new you mindset. But we want to set ourselves up for success. Whole 30 is all about kicking those unhealthy eating habits to the curb and embracing whole, nutrient-dense foods. 

It’s not about weight management but fueling your body with foods that are whole and packed with everything you need to be the best version of yourself. 

So buckle up, because we’re about to embark on a culinary adventure that will have your taste buds doing the happy dance. Get ready for mouthwatering dishes that won’t make you sacrifice flavor or your sanity. It’s time to whip up some tasty Whole 30 magic in the kitchen!

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What is Whole 30?

Whole30 is a 30-day dietary reset program designed to promote better health by eliminating certain food groups that may have a negative impact on your well-being.

During the program, participants commit to consuming whole, unprocessed foods, avoiding sugar, grains, dairy, legumes, and artificial additives, with the goal of identifying how different foods affect their body and fostering healthier eating habits.

Tips to Kickstart Your Whole 30 Journey

Educate yourself:

  • Before diving into the Whole30 program, take some time to thoroughly understand its principles and guidelines. 
  • Familiarize yourself with the comprehensive resources and research why certain food groups are temporarily excluded during these 30 days and what benefits you can expect from adopting this approach. 
  • Understanding how specific foods influence your body will motivate you during challenging moments when cravings or temptation arise. By arming yourself with knowledge about howt the Whole30 diet works, you’ll be better prepared to make informed decisions throughout your 30 days.
  • You could also easily take non-Whole 30 recipes and turn them into Whole 30 recipes with easy substitutes like coconut milk instead of cow’s milk or use coconut aminos instead of soy sauce.

Plan your meals:

  • Meal planning is crucial for success in any dietary endeavor, especially during a restrictive program like Whole30. 
  • Start by creating a detailed meal plan for each week of your challenge. Consider incorporating a variety of proteins (such as lean meats, fish, eggs), healthy fats (like avocado or olive oil), vegetables (both cooked and raw), fruits (in moderation), nuts/seeds (unsweetened), and compliant spices/herbs

Batch cooking:

Batch cooking can be a game-changer during the Whole 30 program. By dedicating some time each week to prepare meals in advance, you can save precious time and ensure compliance with the Whole30 guidelines. It’s not only easy and convenient but cost effective as well!

Healthy Whole 30 Recipes for Breakfast

1 — Chia Breakfast Pudding

A refreshing quick breakfast option like this chia breakfast pudding is a no brainer. It can be prepared in advance and stored in containers to last for several days providing a week’s worth of easy on the go breakfast that is Whole 30 compliant.

2 — Whole 30 Breakfast Casserole

Who doesn’t love a good breakfast casserole? This breakfast casserole is full of flavor and veggies and a great way to start your day.

3 — Funky Monkey Muffins

These easy funky monkey muffins are gluten free and packed with nutrition. If you have bananas lying around then this is the recipe to try. Some almond butter, walnuts and chocolate chips will take your morning muffins to the next level.

4 — Sweet Potato Toast 

No bread? No problem when you’ve got sweet potatoes. Sweet potato toast can be dressed to your preference. We love packing in the protein with some avocado mash and a sliced hard boiled egg.

This recipe is both Whole 30 and Paleo approved and can be modified in so many ways to change up your breakfast routine week after week.

5 — Blackberry Sage Breakfast Sausage

Whether it’s a special brunch with friends or just an easy weekday breakfast these blackberry sage breakfast sausages are full of flavor not preservatives. This is another make ahead meal that makes staying on track that much easier. They can quickly be reheated in the air fryer too.

6 — Quiche Lorraine

Whole30 Quiche Lorraine With Hash Brown Crust (Paleo, Gluten Free)
Photo by 40 Aprons

They had us at “hashbrown crust”. This Whole 30 approved quiche lorraine is both creamy and crunchy and sure to be a crowd favorite the whole fam will devour.

7 — Apple Bacon Breakfast Hash

This sweet plantain apple bacon breakfast hash is paleo and Whole30 friendly and full of flavor! Its crisp sweet apples and ripe plantains are caramelized and then cooked with sugar free bacon making an easy and delicious well rounded breakfast!

8 — Portobello Egg Toast

This portobello egg toast is what breakfast goodness is made of. From the vibrant roasted tomatoes to the pan roasted mushrooms, this savory dish is everything you could want in a low carb breakfast.

9 — Sweet Potato Apple Breakfast Bake

A naturally sweet, Whole 30 friendly sweet potato apple breakfast bake is the perfect addition to your morning rotation. No added sweeteners, dairy free and just a few ingredients bring this sweet breakfast to life. 

10 — Banana Pancakes

“Maybe we could sleep in. Make you banana pancakes” Do you hear it too anytime you think of banana pancakes? These Whole30 pancakes are so easy to whip up that it’s almost comical. They are delicious and kid friendly and can be dressed in many different ways.

11 — Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowl

This is an easy Whole30 breakfast that only takes 3 ingredients and a few minutes to make. Loaded with healthy fats and protein, the sweet potato breakfast bowls are naturally sweetened with sweet potato. 

12 — Zero Carb Cloud Bread

photo of the easy gluten free keto Cloud Bread Recipe by top Houston lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Our cloud bread is one of our most popular keto recipes. Though the original recipe is not Whole 30 approved, it can be with an easy swap. Simply swap the cream cheese for a can of coconut milk. This makes the perfect breakfast, lunch, dinner or even snack addition.

Best Whole 30 Recipes for Dinner

1 — Chicken Salad Wrap 

Whole 30 Avocado Chicken Salad Wraps Recipe top Houston lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Our Whole 30 chicken salad wraps are creamy, flavorful and paleo and keto approved. All of the healthy fats keep you satisfied and full. Besides being healthy, it’s meal prep friendly and would make perfect leftovers for your lunch.

2 — Eggroll in a Bowl

Egg Roll In A Bowl With Creamy Chili Sauce
Photo by 40 Aprons

A creamy chili sauce makes this eggroll in a bowl. It’s a one sheet pan meal that comes together in under 20 minutes making it the perfect weeknight meal.

3 — Chipotle Beef & Avocado Bowls

Whole30 Chipotle Beef & Avocado Bowls (Paleo Sofritas Copycat)
Photo by 40 Aprons

We wouldn’t be able to go Whole30 without some tried and true Mexican inspired recipes to fulfill our Tex Mex loving cravings. These chipotle beef and avocado bowls fit the ticket with cilantro lime cauliflower rice and a saucy beef mixture. We love it reheated so make sure to make extra for your weekly lunches.

4 — Greek Chicken Meatballs

Simple and delicious with real ingredients, this Greek chicken meatballs are one of our favorite easy Whole30 recipes that makes for an easy Whole30 dinner. Not only are they Whole30 friendly, they are also paleo, dairy free and gluten free.

5 — Slow Cooker Beef Ragu

A cozy and flavorful weeknight meal, this slow cooker beef ragu freezes well so it is another batch cooking win. Its deep rich flavors really are the epitome of a comfort meal and you will never guess the secret ingredient. Spoiler alert, it’s pomegranate juice!

6 — Chinese Chicken Salad

This Chinese chicken salad is crunchy, refreshing, and delicious. The Whole30 dinner is both healthy and flavorful and packed with veggies and naturally sweetened with dates. The sesame dressing is the star of the show and really brings all the flavors together!

7 — Whole 30 Dinner Ideas for Family or Large Gatherings: White Chicken Chili

Whole30 White Chicken Chili
Photo by 40 Aprons

Rich, creamy and full of flavor. Not much more you could want in a Whole30 compliant soup. This white chicken chili fits the bill and is the ultimate cozy meal on a cool winter night. Best of all, it comes together in under 30 minutes making it weeknight approved for busy families.

8 — Bang Bang Shrimp

This bang bang shrimp recipe is really easy Whole30 dinner and packed with so much flavor! It’s a great seafood recipe that’s low carb, gluten free, and dairy free and is a favorite Whole30 recipe of ours.

9 — Marry Me Chicken

Whole30 Marry Me Chicken (Paleo, Dairy Free)
Photo by 40 Aprons

What’s Marry Me Chicken you ask? Besides being delicious, it’s tender chicken breasts in a rich dairy-free cream sauce with sun-dried tomatoes, fresh basil, and crushed red pepper flakes. This’ll be a family favorite in your Whole30 approved meal rotation.

10 — Chicken & Broccoli Stir fry

You’ll be happy to ditch the takeout for this easy and tasty chicken and broccoli stir fry! It comes together quickly when you are in a weeknight pinch and pairs well with cauliflower rice and is just an overall favorite of our whole30 meals.

11 — Whole 30 Steak Bites with Sweet Potatoes & Peppers

One of our favorite Whole30 dinner recipes are these steak bites with sweet potatoes and peppers. They cook up in the skillet in less than 45 minutes and are the perfect combination of savory and sweet. We know it will be a hit with the whole family!

12 — Whole30 Meatloaf

A guaranteed weeknight dinner line up, this Whole30 meatloaf is a take on that classic that has been on dinner tables for years. Whole30 recipes with ground beef are always packed with protein. One of its best qualities? It makes almost even better leftovers the second day!

13 — Spicy Chicken & Roasted Vegetable Bowls

healthy spicy chicken and roasted vegetable bowls for whole 30 recipes
Photo by Beauty Bites

This might have more ingredients and steps than some of the recipes that we have shared. BUT we promise it is worth the prep! It packs a punch and a lot of flavor. These spicy chicken and roasted vegetable bowls are so delicious it’s hard to believe they are healthy.

14 — Mississippi Pot Roast 

Whole30 Mississippi Pot Roast
Photo by Jam Jar Kitchen

When it comes to a slow cooker recipe we are all about them! Make it a healthy Mississippi pot roast and we are IN! This easy whole 30 recipe is a fix it and forget it kind of recipe that we love. Nothing says easy quite like this recipe.

15 — Chick-fil-a Bites

When we discovered these Chick-fil-a bites that were Whole30 approved we barely could believe it. Chick-fil-a is the ultimate in guilty pleasures and to have a healthy option that is Whole30 friendly is such a major win. And the magic sauce for dipping? Get right out!! These will be in our Whole30 meal plan for the end of time.

16 — Sweet Potato Chicken Poppers

Whole30 sweet potato chicken poppers are a great healthy “chicken nuggets” alternative that is easy to make. Simple ingredients and ready in under 30 minutes, they are the perfect Whole30 family friendly meal for during the week. 

17 — French Onion Pork Chops

We love a good one skillet meal, and these French onion pork chops check all the boxes. Cozy, delicious and healthy, they are perfect for an easy weeknight meal or can even be dressed up to entertain friends.

18 — Crockpot Chicken Tacos

Crockpot Chicken Tacos With Avocado-Cilantro Sauce
Photo by 40 Aprons

Who doesn’t love a crockpot chicken taco? Tender and full of flavor while the crockpot does all the work sounds like a no brainer to us. Top it off with the creamy avocado cilantro sauce to take them to the next level.

19 — Whole30 Sloppy Joes

These Whole30 sloppy joes have all the flavor of a childhood classic without the stuff that isn’t so great for you. They’re easy to make for lunch or dinner and ready in under an hour.

20 — Crispy Buffalo Chicken Salad

Crispy Buffalo Chicken Salad {Paleo, Whole30, Keto}
Photo by Paleo Running Momma

This crispy buffalo chicken salad is not only addicting and easy to make, it is filled with all kinds of goodies that are good for you! From the crispy pan fried chicken tenders to the Whole30 compliant cilantro ranch dressing, this salad is not your typical rabbit food.

21 — Chicken Bacon Ranch Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Take your average sweet potato to the next level with these chicken bacon ranch stuffed sweet potatoes. Easy to whip up, these are creamy, delicious and Whole30, paleo and gluten free.

22 — One Skillet Dijon Salmon

One-Skillet Paleo Dijon Salmon {Whole30, Keto}
Photo by Paleo Running Momma

This creamy dijon salmon comes together in one skillet and in just under 20 minutes! It’s full of flavor and perfect for weeknights. This easy paleo dinner is also Whole30 compliant and low in carbs for a healthy meal you’ll want as a staple in your rotation.

Whole 30 Dessert Recipes

1 — Tropical Popsicle Recipe

Whole 30 Tropical Popsicles Recipe Bite by top Houston lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Our Whole 30 tropical popsicle recipe is one of our top posts year after year and for good reason. They’re Whole30, paleo, and vegan-approved, with no added sugar or dairy!

2 — Edible Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

We are loving this healthy protein-packed salted caramel chocolate chip cookie dough that’s made with only 6 ingredients and is completely refined sugar free! This is perfect to curb your sweet tooth. 

3 — Whole30 Cookies with Banana & Chocolate

Whole30 Cookies with Bananas and Chocolate
Photo by All Nutritious

With sugar and grains off limits during Whole30, it may seem like cookies are a distant dream. These cookies with banana and chocolate totally deliver and are chocolaty, soft and sweet.

4 — No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls

There are few things in life that go together better than chocolate and peanut butter. These no bake chocolate peanut butter balls are Whole30 approved and best of all require no baking. They are creamy and sweet and will surely satisfy your sweet cravings.

5 — Instant Chocolate Chia Pudding

Instant Chocolate Chia Pudding
Photo by Living Freely

The perfect healthy and creamy dessert, this instant chocolate chia pudding is simple and delicious. Fresh berries make it feel like a true treat but also can be eaten for breakfast if your morning needs a little boost! 

6 — No Bake Apple Almond Butter Bars

These no-bake Whole30 apple almond butter bars are a simple, 5 ingredient, salty and sweet treat that is healthy and is paleo and Whole30 compliant! They’re great for kids and adults with no baking required. 

7 — Mini Lemon Coconut Pies

No Bake Mini Lemon Coconut Pies
Photo by Well by Mel

We love a good mini dessert, and these mini lemon coconut pies are not only precious but also healthy and delicious. 

8 — Coconut Cashew & Date Bars

These coconut cashew and date bars make a delicious and healthy snack. Whole30 and Paleo approved, they are also kid friendly and perfect for lunch boxes or on-the-go treats.

9 — Salted Fudge Fat Bombs

Easy to make and even clean and Keto approved, these salted fudge fat bombs are a great way to get in some extra healthy fats while also satisfying your sweet tooth.

10 — Almond Orange Cake

Almond Orange Cake Recipe
Photo by Allergy Yummy

You can have your cake and eat it too with this delicious almond orange cake. This allergy-friendly recipe is gluten free, grain free, paleo and Whole 30 approved and only calls for 4 ingredients!

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