DIY Flower Artwork Printables

DIY flower artwork printables | sugar & clothGoodVibes copy

photos by Kate Zimmerman

I, Carly, have a thing for flowers. I know, that’s probably pretty obvious at this point. But really, it’s true. I spend a good portion of my time playing with them. And when I’m not playing with them, I’m usually thinking about them. As a matter of fact, the only other creative outlet I’ve found that gives me as much artistic pleasure is writing. (And food, but we’ll save that for another post.) So it was only natural that I would eventually start writing in flowers, which led me to these DIY flower artwork printables.

Sure, it’s a little on the time-consuming side, but who can complain when you get to hash out your thoughts AND soak in a little piece of nature’s beauty, all at once? Not I. On the contrary, I highly recommend it. All you have to do is go to your local craft store to pick up some white foam core board. Then swing by the flower market on your way home, and you’re in business! Or you can print and frame the flower artwork from our phrases…

DIY flower artwork printables | sugar & cloth


Short of time? No problem. Here in Austin it’s been raining nonstop, so my photographer friend, Kate Zimmerman,  and I have had plenty of time to solve the world’s problems, or at least it’s verbiage needs, one flower at a time. Thus providing you with these amazing images, that you can print off and use however you wish. Just print, frame, and hang. Or do as we did, and have them mounted on foam core (clearly making Mr. Foam Core the MVP of this project).

Even better, you can also just save these little guys as tech wallpapers, too!

DIY flower artwork printables | sugar & clothStayCurious copyHustle copyKillingIt copyHappyHour_copyDIY flower artwork printables | sugar & cloth

Now go have some fun! And remember to stay curious… and hustle. And by so doing you’ll be killing it… with good vibes… And then you can go to happy hour.

carly margot blair floralCarly Blair is the owner and Creative Director of Margot Blair Floral, an art-inspired flower studio based in Austin, TX and available for travel worldwide. It is her firm belief that an awakening of the imagination happens when a life is well lived, and that adventure and laughter are key to keeping her work on the leading edge.

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  1. So Cute! How do you recommend printing them? I tried to print the Good Vibes one at Kinkos (on laser printer I assume) and the background turned out blotchy. Thanks!

  2. I just found your blog and I’m so glad I did. I love these! What is the resolution of the downloadable file and what is the largest you’d recommend printing them? I’m specifically interesting in Stay Curious. Thanks so much!

  3. I’ve been searching for creative and unique wall hangings/ideas for my office at my home and this is beyond cute! :)

  4. HI Ashely! I just want to say that I love your blog and find your ideas so clever and refreshing! I am a South African, very new to the blog world but love DIY! I have been so inspired by you! I have actually done a whole bunch of DIY stuff with Gold thanks to you!

  5. Such an amazing idea!! I love flowers too & I was thinking to have one letter full of (paper) flowers… I’m working on it! x